We’ve often covered how to improve customer relationship management (CRM) on our blog. The best place to start of course, is with the number one social network, Facebook.

Facebook is an integral part of the CRM cycle and performing well here can help you build trust, engage with fans, promote products and services, and also answer complaints. So, how do you offer amazing Facebook customer service –  here’s how:

Facebook-CRM-1 How Small Businesses can Stay on Top of Facebook Customer Relationship Management

The One Man Operation

It’s fine if you’re a big business with a social media department and therefore have a range of people keeping an eye on your social media efforts all day, every day. However, what if you’re like the vast majority of us – stretched?

You still need to answer those Facebook questions and quell those complaints and to be honest, the best way to do so is to check your page a few times a day. Morning and late evening are best. Leaving a message unanswered for a few days is only going to cause you to make a bat for your own back. The faster you respond, the happier the customer will be and the better it looks on the page to other fans too.

Tools Help

If you’re time limited, then you need to find a way to deal with those constraints and the best manner in which to do so is by using tools. Syncing your Facebook and Twitter to one central area allows you to save time, limits the amount of switching between platforms you need to do and makes keeping tabs on things a lot easier. Tools are simple, fast and ideal for those who value customer service.

Honesty Wins Every Time

Mistakes occur now and again, no matter what business you’re in, that’s simply a reality. However, instead of mistakes being judged on the problem itself, they can actually end up being judged by the ability and willingness of a company to own up to them.

If there’s a far reaching issue, then it’s a lot better to inform the person and notify them of what you’re going to do, rather than them find out on the grapevine. Most people will still have a few issues even if you admit a mistake and offer a suitable remedy, however most will just appreciate not being conned.

Keep Them in the Loop

Social media means that instead of having days to responds to a query, you only have hours. Rightly so, after all answering a question can be as simple as just commenting on a post. If there’s an issue, keep your fans in the loop with public updates and plenty of transparency. The more they know, the fewer questions they will ask. It will also improve their trust in you and in the long term mean that whatever the issue, it will be forgotten and all that will be remembered is your good customer service.

Customer service is the byword in 2014 and it is paramount to keeping people onside. You need to monitor, engage and remedy any issues you can online, inform fans, take criticism where’s it’s due and show people you’re loyal to them, so they’ll be loyal to you.