social-media-optimisation Social Media Increasingly Important to SEOSocial media and social signals are shown to increasingly have an effect on SEO and it seems that most industry experts believe that this is only set to increase even more-so.

Take for instance the likelihood that LinkedIn profiles tend to rise to the top of search results, or the increasing importance of Twitter and visibility of its profiles in a search. Of course, Google+ also has its place in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) and not only this; it’s also a credible way to boost trust in Google’s eyes.

 Social Media Increasingly Important to SEO

Recently an SEO company decided to delve even deeper into the social media and SEO world and created a fantastic infographic on the connections. Even though a lot of it is somewhat expected, it’s still an eye-opener on many levels. For businesses and brands it compounds the reasons for refining your social media strategy to ensure it offers the fullest advantages to SEO.


The study found that on average tweeting reduced the indexation time for new content by around a half. In fact, according to the Infographic, it reduces the time it takes a Googlebot to find content from two hours to two seconds.

Social Activity

Social media activity relating to new content is a signal to search engines that what you’ve produced is valuable and of a high quality and this provides increases in rank for terms in the ‘share’. This will push the Google algorithm’s freshness metric and will create a temporary rise in your place in the SERPs. So, in essence shares have an effect on ranking.

In addition, this social activity shows that your valuable and authentic and increases your domain’s ability to rank.

Google Author Authority

In addition, having your content and social media information all linked together will also increase your ranking for social connections. Using author authority can provide search engines with a signal that you are a regular when it comes to creating quality content. This allows Google to track your writing across the web and gives your content a far higher standing in the search engine’s eyes.

Social Bookmarking

Sites such as Digg and Stumbleupon show popularity and relevance while often allowing links in profiles – which also benefits you in the SERPs.

social-media Social Media Increasingly Important to SEO


Well, tell us something we don’t know? Yes, it seems that social signals are becoming increasingly important – however, the infographic shows us the areas that are being impacted most significantly.

For businesses it means doing such things as ensuring tweets are easily retweeted and making content shareable with ‘Share’ buttons for example. It also means engaging with, and encouraging others to engage with, your social media – and this involves give and take.
Social media is not the sole reason for a site to rank, but it’s becoming one of the more important ones – expect this trend to continue.

How have you found social media affecting SEO changes in recent times – let us know.