We love to bang on about engagement and Facebook – and rightly so, it is very important as it increases awareness of a brand, concretes relationships with customers and helps profits. However, there are a number of things that may take precedence over engagement and are often overlooked.

facebook_2 5 Things that Come Before Engagement on Facebook


Not every business is suited to Facebook and some are not suited at all. Certain businesses and companies will just not cooperate with Facebook. If you own a niche business that has a demographic not on Facebook, or with little interest in social media, how are you going to make it work? Analytics are never going to do such a page justice and other platforms may work better. Take as an example a company that sells small children’s woollen clothes – they’re far better suited to Pinterest or a niche social media site that deals with young mums and the like.

 5 Things that Come Before Engagement on Facebook


If you own a local business or a niche business that does well in only a few areas – then geo-target those areas with the site’s settings. This allows you to get in touch with direct groups in specific locations and to publicise promotions directly to where you need to publicise them.


In a lot of companies, everyone has a go at managing the Facebook profile. This means that users can end up being muddled, not understanding what to do and really offering poor customer service as many comments go unanswered. People are always more inclined to produce funny, humorous Facebook comments, but aren’t as ready to partake in the nitty gritty of customer service.

Create an order of delegation for the tasks and rotate it around. You should also make sure to train employees in what to write and how to deal with complaints and other issues. Assign people to areas and how to respond and you should limit problems in this area and see an increase in engagement. However, without delegation you won’t see nearly as much of this interaction.

Entertainment Sells

If you have the most insightful content in the world but it isn’t entertaining, you are really limiting yourself. People want to see content that at first impressions looks great. The rise in infographics currently is partially down to this. Think, would you rather read 500 words or just scan a colourful and interesting infographic for the same information? Even without infographics, make sure headlines for videos and captions for images have an air of intrigue about them – it really sells them.

App Integration

Use the likes of Viddy and Instagram as well as others to produce interesting content. They are the perfect replacement for getting an expensive developer in to create apps and can be very engaging and really give your business an edge, for less.

So, by all means aim for engagement, but consider the aforementioned first.

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