Facebook marketing is the top choice for many businesses still, thanks to its amazing ability to engage casual and less than casual social media users alike. There are a number of more unconventional tips that can work in your favour. After all, if you don’t try them you’ll never know.

facebook-3 5 Top Facebook Tips

social-media-analytics-sqr-1 5 Top Facebook Tips

Posting Times

Posting on a 9-5 schedule makes sense on a lot of levels, however publishing outside the business hours allows you a lot of room to reach people you would not normally. Experiment with unconventional hours and see how well fans receive it. Try evenings and midnight posts and mix it up. People tend to engage more in the evenings during their down time and results from a study by Yesmail showed that 10pm-12am was a golden time for interaction. Ironically, in the study it seemed that the prime time for posting between 11am-1pm was terrible. If you are a global business this posting factor can work in your favour too.


The visual is still a huge social media winner and using photos, which come with information text status update in the comment box, is recommended. Use your images wisely and be aware of copyright. If you can afford it, a good graphic artist can create a unique, copyright free image that is relevant to your company.

Infographics are gold in this area too. If you create one make sure that there is a smaller image for the status. Remember that photos are more noticeable in news feeds and so are more inclined to go viral.


Adverts or sponsored posts are a great way to increase the engagement stakes and can really increase the Likes and click through. These posts are ideal for video, offers or special deals and can cost as little as £10. Sponsored posts are the perfect way to increase all sorts of engagement.

Product Decisions

Allowing your fans a part in the creation or design of a product is a sure fire way to stoke interest in the business. Ensure you create a sense of urgency when asking for their help; this adds fuel to the fire and ensures that they will make every effort possible.

Of course, they are helping you out so be sure to thanks them afterwards. Use their input in for help with smells, tastes and other details that reflect the end product. Finally, always make sure that you show them the finished product they created as available on the site.


We are all aware of how third party schedulers often receive lower exposure on the newsfeed and this is the main reason why you should use the new Facebook scheduling tool. It will aid your message delivery to your audience and can be used with targeted locations. It also saves you having to log in to other apps and keeps everything in the one place – always handy.

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