The larger newspaper circulation figures, the more they can charge to companies for advertisements. Simply, as it means they reach a wider audience. The same is true for Twitter. The more Twitter followers you have the more people you reach on an everyday basis and the more your account is worth to you. So, how do you actively go out and get more Twitter followers?

twitter_relationships 5 Ways to Get more Twitter Followers
Power Tweeting – Get More Twitter Followers

Those who have the followers help you to get more Twitter followers. Building up relationships with people who have a lot of influence and a lot of followers means you get more of a chance to reach out to people and in turn expand your network. If you are associated with someone with a lot of power on Twitter, then people will want to pay more attention to your Tweets.

 5 Ways to Get more Twitter Followers

Peak Tweets – Get More Twitter Followers

Apps such as Crowdbooster offer you features that inform you when the peak time to tweet or Facebook is, based on the previous success rates you had at these times. This can place the cards in your favour and mean you can tweet in an informed fashion and make the most of your Tweets.

Positive – Get More Twitter Followers

Don’t just uses Twitter, as many do, to give out and moan and groan. Use the micro blogging platform as a way to create a positive impression of your brand and yourself. Interact positively and in a manner that allows people to see you in a good light.

One of the best ways to do this without seeming like a total goon is to use your account a place where discussions are started or people come to for information. Applications such as Twit-Doc allows you to upload video and documents you may have to Twitter and allows you to become a go to person in a certain area. This can be a great way to positively reinforce your image and also show people the tip of the iceberg that is your businesses skillset.

Be Firm and Be Brave – Get More Twitter Followers

Though we wouldn’t advise you to turn into some sort of Twitter crank, having your own opinions and forming new ones on subjects popular on Twitter can allow you plenty of benefits. By commenting on on-trend topics or on areas that are hot potatoes you can really reach out to some people. Make sure to form solid and well informed opinions however, as there is nothing worse than a tweeter who is misinformed, but still willing to holler aloud. People respect solid well thought out opinions, even if they don’t necessarily agree with them.

Religion and Politics

Just as you should never discuss religion or politics over the dinner table, you should also never use Twitter as a medium to do so either.  Oreo’s recent gay rights Photoshoped rainbow biscuit is a fine example of creating a monster from an opinion. Though, many people encouraged Oreo, they also received everything from disdain to biscuit based death threats – as in people said they’d refuse to buy Oreo again.

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