One of the most commonly utilised tools many of us use on a day to day basis is good old Skype. Though many have tried to conquer this VOIP, few have even come close to succeeding. Of course, it’s always nice to mix things up and that’s why we have put together some great Skype tips for you to have a look at.

skype 6 Great Skype Tips and Tricks

skype-business-social-media-1 6 Great Skype Tips and Tricks

Skype Tips for Font

One of the biggest issues with Skype is the size of the text on screen; however this can be changed to a larger size and different font. Simply go to Tools – Options and then on the left of the menu go to IM and SMS. There should be an area for IM Appearance and within this a Change font button. Use this to create fonts to your preference.

Hide the Type Bar

One of the most irritating things about Skype and Facebook too is the type bar indicator when you type. The little scribbling pen on the screen shows when writing and also rubbing out and can be a distraction. It is possible to turn off the option so people can’t see your writing or deletions. Hit Tools – Options – IM – IM Settings and then just go to Advanced Settings and just click beside the Show when I’m typing box and the little pen will be no more.

Skype Tips for Keywords

It’s also possible to add keyword notifications to Skype if needs be for Windows tray notifications. This allows you to see notifications when certain words appear in your IM conversations.

Open the chat window and go to Notification Settings. This will then allow you to add the keywords you want to set the bar up for and so you will receive words at a glance when they are typed. Skype also will highlight the word in your IM window.

Skype Tips for Edits

If you’ve written a message and there is a typo all you have to do is click on the up cursor and the message will appear back in the edit box. You can then just make the changes required and then resend it. This eliminates the embarrassment of misspelled words.


One of the most irritating and tacky things ever to be created are emoticons. Sure the kids love them, but they can really annoy you, especially when animated. To turn them off in Skype, head to Tools, then options and then IM & SMS and IM appearance. The curmudgeonly turn them off and live in a world closer to the telegraph.

Numerous Chat Windows

Talking to a few people at once can be an issue and in Skype the usual large view can be a little limiting. Hit View Menu and Compact View and then you can look at a number of these chat windows at once.

All of these little Skype tips should make Skype all the easier and more pleasant to use.

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