LinkedIn is the largest professional social media network in the world. However, there are a number of ways in which to get the most from it, which we look at in detail here.

7_tips_to_change_your_linkedin_experience 7 Tips to Enhance your LinkedIn Experience

Near You – LinkedIn Tips

The GPS services available on LinkedIn allow users to find professionals in and around the area they work in. This can be of significant benefit if looking for people in your area and are very useful if aiming to connect with people at conferences.

Google Chrome Toolbar – LinkedIn Tips

Downloading the LinkedIn Google Chrome toolbar eliminates the need for you to log in and also offers you a number of nice features. Here you can share networks with your LinkedIn network, as well as comment on people’s status through your toolbar. This helps you with the problem of not using LinkedIn until you are invited to do so – a problem many of us have – allowing you to integrate it more into your daily social routine.

LinkedIn Labs – LinkedIn Tips

This app allows you to create a very attractive CV for your LinkedIn site and means not having to go back and forward between the horrible Word format. It makes your profile look like a very attractive resume, instantly and can save a lot of time and create a great impression for people.

Saving Searches – LinkedIn Tips

Little known action here. LinkedIn allows you to save up to three searches, which doesn’t seem impressive until you realise that you can save searches for people and get email notifications once the results change. This is ideal, if you’re head hunting, looking for new connections, or even job hunting. It’s easily done, just search in the bar along the top and ‘save search’, in the top right. A little thinking means you can run searches from here that give you apt and interesting results and instant updates.

Work Projects – LinkedIn Tips

LinkedIn’s ManyMoon application allows you to connect to freelancers on LinkedIn, who you work with on projects. Instead of emailing, you can track the project, task and past dialogue on LinkedIn for easy organisation. It also integrates with Google Apps and Docs allowing you to share with colleagues, freelancers and connections.

Beefed Up Thank Yous – LinkedIn Tips

Use LinkedIn as a way of giving and receiving beefed up thank yous! Recommendations are these thanks and allow you to tell, or receive recommendations to the world. Aim for solid, strong recommendations from people you worked with, or for. Always be polite to people and seek recommendations. Remember the best way to thanks a person is to give them a glowing reference also.

SEO – LinkedIn Tips

Optimising your LinkedIn profile for search engines is very important. Customising your URL with your name will improve your rank in search engines – it’s also much easier to remember. You should also add custom anchor text to your links. Link up to three URLs and make sure they link to relevant text and sites.

By aiding your LinkedIn experience in a number of ways, you can help yourself receive the results you require.

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