Social media’s favourite website Facebook introduced the radical new Timeline page over three months ago. The Timeline feature changed the default profile and allowed you to curate a summary of your entire life in a multimedia social scrapbook manner. Baring this in mind, and now the timeline is easily available to everyone, it is time we produced a detailed guide to the Facebook Timeline.

facebook_new_profile_timeline A Guide to the Facebook Timeline

How to Activate Timeline

If you still don’t have access to the new profile then worry not because the activation is easily done and going to is just one of three ways to do it. There is also the opportunity to wait until a notification appears on your profile before you activate it. Otherwise, the other non-choice is to resist until Facebook just decides to make it obligatory to rock the new profile.

Guide to the Facebook Timeline – Changes

The profile is divided into two sides and is seen as one of the site’s most radical changes since its creation. Users are encouraged to add life events not on Facebook, and there is a complex algorithm to assess major events during the time on the site.

So expect to see things, such as new relationships, new jobs, children’s births and others of life’s milestones to show up here. Unwanted updates can also be hidden if required by going to the pencil image beside the information and choosing to hide it from the timeline – thereby avoiding embarrassment.

The Timeline

Timeline can really allow for creativity and you can really change about profile presentation with the new profile. Cover photos are the most obvious feature to be given creative freedom. They now take up a large area of the page and there are a number of great ways to make your profile your own.

The Activity log feature shows all the activity organised by year since you joined the social media site. Information such as how many times you wrote on people’s walls, photos and links you’ve shared and all other details are here. This can all be filtered if required.

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The Timeline settings cog shows how your Timeline looks to specific friends, or family, as well as those who aren’t your friends. It also allows you to place a Facebook badge on your own site.

There is also a load of information below your photo where you see the personal information Facebook shows, as well as a series of boxes representing friend’s list, photos and other information. The new Open Graph Facebook apps can also be seen here.

Guide to the Facebook Timeline – Privacy

One of the supposed reasons for the site’s pushback of Timeline for use by all until November, was meant to be privacy.

Though the introduction received mixed reaction and there were a number of concerns with the privacy level of the new layout. Facebook’s asking user’s to add more information to the site to fill out Timelines, was branded as a way in which to get more marketing information by some.

Other security concerns were – some felt the Timeline showed information on a person, which had previously been harder to find on the traditional pages. Even the encouragement to add your date of birth and other details, was feared by some would encourage identity fraud.

Guide to the Facebook Timeline – How to Secure your Page

Securing your page can be done under privacy settings, allowing you to make information public, to friends, or customised to your own particular settings. We would advise you to have a close look at this.

What do you think of the Facebook Timeline? If you have any questions, feel free to ask us in the comments section below or on our Facebook page.

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