Today Twitter launched a re-design that will cause a lot of buzz amongst social media users. Announcing a new simpler interface and a tabbed format Twitter are seeming to follow a chain of re-designs sparked by the introduction of Google +.

What with the Facebook timeline being rolled out and the recently ‘re-jigged’ YouTube format, there seems to be a few instances of ‘social media wall-painting’ as we get towards 2012.

twitter-growth-1 A Guide to Twitter's New Look

So how do you get it? Mobile users can view the new look right now, by downloading the iPhone or Android Twitter app. Other users will need to wait a few weeks, but as ever, stay tuned and we will let you know if you can get it early.

Check out the promo video below or head over to LETS FLY to find out more.


So at this stage, which of the big three’s new look is your favourite? Facebook, YouTube or Twitter? Here is a clue to our agency fav – Let us know via the comments or over on our Facebook page.