Following people back on Twitter if you’re a business is a convention to many. Some who have hundreds of thousands of followers will find the amount of ‘noise’ on their feeds from these vast numbers of people and companies’ following is often extremely negative.

twitter_etiquette_small_business A Little Twitter Etiquette for Small Business

Twitter feeds such as president Obama’s comprise of millions of followers and are often over indulged with eager tweeters looking to get the president’s attention. Reducing these numbers so as to have a less noisy situation is something that takes time and effort, though must be done slowly to keep a friendly image in a positive light.

 A Little Twitter Etiquette for Small Business

For business however follows are a necessity as they allow companies the opportunity to DM back whenever they need to.

Businesses who don’t follow back give the impression of not caring about the individual, or the follower. The whole notion of a company who will take a follow but not offer anything in return is essentially saying – you’re not important enough for a return follow, go away. Others also consider the not following back as a defence for laziness and so no excuse.

Of course a business should never follow people and then unfollow them after they follow you. For those that want to get a bad reputation and also some messages that mightn’t please them – this is the way to do it.

Replying with an automated thank you is another no-no. People dislike being contacted via an auto tweet service and may prefer no thank you at all. Thank people on an individual basis for the best merit and to ensure they remember you and your company. Asking them questions and using these opportunities to get some views is a great idea. It allows you to keep your image as caring about the follow and also ensures you manage to garner a bit of information for future use.

Of course what you post on twitter is there to get you more attention. By knowing your audience, or audiences and posting to suit yourself but maintain interest you can make the most of your account. Be strategic when doing this and curate your streams when doing so. Ensure the content you produce is useful and entertaining in your eyes and this greatly increases the chances of it being so in the eyes of your followers.

Thanking people for retweets and other forms of information lets them get a better understanding of what you’re about, while also ensuring you create a relationship. Twitter relationships are very important and by being savvy in this area you can make sure you get started in a positive light. Of course information is the same – send a quick thank you tweet – it won’t do any harm.

Finally, for all of the above, make sure to respond in a timely manner so that the people who you had contact with recall why you’re contacting them.

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