Twitter’s certainly been a source of amusement for many of us in the last while and in many cases we only have to look as far as some of the best fake twitter accounts to follow. The power of the social media site is amazing. Consider the uproar of the recent Gary Glitter account – a fine example of its power. Would a letter by the fallen king of rock to a national paper have seen him as ostracised, or have been as publicised?

Anyhow we’re more in this for the light hearted nature of things and here are our top seven favourite fake twitter accounts.

 Best Fake Twitter Accounts to Follow

fake_twitter_accounts Best Fake Twitter Accounts to Follow


Who? Hollywood actress not famous for her acting talents

The Hollywood siren regularly posted all sorts of fantasies on this Twitter account, often a little close to the bone, but they were also generally funny. We just wish it wasn’t fake (and now suspended) it was one of our best fake Twitter accounts to follow.


When better than now for a twitter account from those at Buckingham Palace, shame it’s not really from there at all. It still doesn’t stop dear old Queeny, defender of the faith and wife of the DoE turning out the odd shrill jibe on the state of the nation.


Anyone who’s had an interest in comedy series in the last decade will be in love with Arrested Development and probably also repressed homosexual psychiatrist Tobias Funke. Of course, as a fictional character the references have to come from some alter ego. Thankfully, the tweets take on a similar vein to the character and really manage to capture the Dr’s closet tendencies in under 140 words with ease most of the time. Some would say, his repression is becoming worse.


We all know most of what’s said on twitter is only popular as it’s said by an individual in power, or controversy. Well, after the recent debacle about Angelina’s right leg, it in fact set up its own profile on twitter and has been spouting all sorts of interesting rhetoric since. The tweets are a bit banal, but it’s a fave because it shows the power of twitter and its ability to elevate what’s popular, trending, or of interest to the general public.


Why shouldn’t the king of social media not have an account on twitter, well he does and it’s not this one. However, for interesting pieces of information on an array of interesting topics and possibly the thoughts Mark may have in his private time, this is a good account. The tweeter does a good job of making fun of on trend social media topics and it’s certainly good for a giggle now and again.


Well, Gothic writer Poe is dead a while now, but spookily it seems his voice is alive and well on twitter and well able to put a 19th century turn on 21st century technology. Of course, in the spirit of Poe (and it may be just that), there’s a certain dark element. Try ‘Few pleasures are as glorious as spending a day in Farmville raping and pillaging homesteads.’ on for size to get an idea of what we’re on about.


For a bit of more modern horror than Mr Poe, why not try this account based on the character from the Saw  films – all a bit creepy, to be frank.

Seeing a tweet or two from one of these accounts on our timeline keeps us going through the day here at My Social Agency HQ. Did we miss your favorite fake account on our list? Tell us in the comments below.