The Olympian that resides in each one of us – they can be very dormant creatures in some cases – can really help you with your blogging. Sure, we’re used to sports people tweeting and taking part in the sprinter’s part of social media; however, what about the long distance runner – the blogger?

Well, there are a number of things a great blogger can take from the Olympians to make his or her blog all the better. Here’s how to train for the blogger Olympics – if there were such a creation.

 Blogging like an Olympian

london_olympics_blogger Blogging like an Olympian


Runners don’t run a race without training. Bloggers and all social media users should set out a reasonable schedule and then stick to it. It must be reasonable as otherwise you’ll become disillusioned and wish to escape the job at hand. Remember blogging is like the 10,000 metres and not the 100m. Set your schedule around energy levels and the amount of inspiration you have and increase it from there.

Your Goals

Do you want to qualify or win gold, or are you looking to break a world record? Decide on your goals clearly. Will you wish to use the blog for SEO or are you looking to promote your business and yourself as a leader in thought in a specific field? Decide on your angle and what the blog is for and then stick rigorously to your plan.

Clear Head

Not even the greatest athletes, or those on the latest steroids can work like the Duracell Bunny and remain on all the time. Remember, you need time out to chill and have a look at your targets, whether you’re meeting them and how you can tweak your output to get the very most from your goal. Nobody can succeed without some reflection, whether in sport or in social media or blogging. Look at where you want to go and then take a break and refresh your mind for the best results.

Congratulate Yourself

Even if you don’t get the gold medal you should still give yourself a pat on the back once you reach the podium. Achieving your goals and beating everyone from the also-rans to the close competitors to get into the top three is always a good feeling. Whether it’s Google, SEO, social media or engagement – any success is good and you should be happy with any success. There are always exceptional people, be happy if you come close.

Though two completely different things, blogging and the Olympics take a lot of the same persistence and values to achieve success. Beginning and then following on in the right frame of mind is the best way to succeed, but don’t forget to treat yourself now and again.

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