You’re more than likely still using email, but how do you add social media into the mix? Email is a less popular format than it was a few years ago, due to the advent of instant messaging, however it still matters for a number of reasons – newsletters being one. So, how do you make the most of it?

email_and_social_media Bringing Together Email and Social Media


Just like in your sites, on your blogs and everywhere else, you need to use social media icons with email. Make them clear and visible and ask people to share to ensure you help aid your social media needs, while also your emails.


If you have a huge email data base, as many companies have, yet are only in the throes of social media, why not use your email to get people to add you to social media channels. Just a quick whip around and ask people to link you up – you’d be amazed at the wonders that can happen.


Get people to share your posts with other people through email. One great way to do so is to ask people and offer an incentive. Offering them to share for a chance to be featured on your next email campaign can be one way of doing this. If you have large numbers, that’s sure to get people to do so. Or offer them financial reward if they can muster you up enough likes – always a great incentive.

Of course this also works the other way, you can ask people via social media to sign up to your newsletter and watch them hopefully do so.


Being able to use the developer mode on Facebook, means it is possible to build an email and newsletter signup on the social media page. This can be one of your apps and allow you to increase the number of sign-ups that way.


Of course we often forget text messages and QR Codes along with other offline techniques. Use adverts and other promos to get people to sign up through free texts, or obviously QR Codes to emails and also social media. This can be a great way to get people engaged and offers them the chance to play around with their snazzy phones – something many people love to do to pass the time.


Blogs are often an underutilised force when it comes to email and also social media, link everything, to everything else and watch as people move from one area to another. Blogs are engaging and can also sometimes be part of the content of emails and newsletters if you feel they are interesting enough.

By bringing together the social media and email experience, you can benefit both while also allowing them both to be individually strong. Integrating social media and email is a case of their mean being stronger than their individual parts, like much in this area.