Laying the foundations of a strong online community, is an invaluable tool for businesses. Companies of all sizes can benefit significantly from creating a social media presence, get ahead of competitors and really gain momentum. So, what should you look out for?

building_a_strong_online_community How to Build a Strong Online Community

Pockets of Influence

Looking online and finding areas, or pockets of people who are excited about your goods, or services can be a great place to start. Look on Twitter and find those interested and begin building upwards from there. Focus on a small number of communities and then mushroom.


By looking online and finding user’s, competitors, or those interested you can start to interact with them and engage them in your product. This gives you a great foundation and allow you to grow in a manner good for the long term.


Use all the connections you have to give your company an advantage. Look through email lists, friends, family and colleagues and grow your community through them. Building partnerships in this manner provides you with a base.


Asking people to sign up for your social media or newsletter, when they are on your page, or are purchasing from you can offer you a number of opportunities. You would be surprised how willing people are to sign up if asked.


Getting one quality follower is all the better than getting ten who couldn’t care less about your company. Peer recommendations are trusted to a far higher degree than the non-peer equivalent. Turn users into supporters and promoters to get your start up out there.


In the world of influence, there is no substitute for time. Growing a community is no an overnight task, it is in fact an exercise that takes months and even years. Build slowly for sustainability and you will see the effects of your effort in time.


Having people who idly follow you is not a community. Engaging people and getting their opinions is the way to connect them and create asocial media community that will sustain itself. Ensure your community finds focus for involving itself.


One of the great things about small communities is that you can experiment and try to find your feet when doing so. You won’t annoy as many people when your business is small and if you find a winning formula then you can use it to succeed.


By being small, you can emphasise a personality that you couldn’t if you were part of a larger brand. Try and be quirky and personal and get some of your fun ideas and notions out there. People love a touch of the eccentric, so play on that .


By looking at your records and tracking everything, you can ensure you get the most from your start-ups social media. Note where you’re succeeding and where you’re failing and include more of the former.

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