If content is king, then context is its first cousin and is one of the mechanisms that can be applied to make your efforts all the more successful.

Context marketing is nothing new, but something that has come more to the fore recently than in the past. So, what’s the difference between marketing of the content and context persuasion?

content-marketing-thumb-1 Content and Context

Well, we’re all aware of content marketing – the practice of creating and adding informative content that is in some way or another to do with your service and shows you as the go to guy in a certain area. Context marketing is there to increase knowledge of this content. Essentially it is about using the things you know about your prospect and customer’s marketing preferences to present content in a way they will find useful and also of note.

content-marketing Content and Context


One of the kings of this context marketing is Amazon. The company uses context marketing to send us relevant information about searches we have recently performed on the site. This is often helpful and also appreciated and all good context marketing should be deemed in this light.

Amazon often sends us context marketing in the form of email reminders:

•When we leave a cart full and not purchased.

•Suggestions of items similar to the ones we were looking at.

•Reductions in prices of items we were looking at.

•Notices about new books or films by authors, directors, artists we have been searching for.

All of these are fine examples of context marketing in action and its masterful use by Amazon. Essentially, it is the amplification of the content, through the context.


To make the most of context marketing you’ll need to get to grips with your customers and prospects needs and wants. This is where a data heavy approach comes into play, as does listening via social listening tools such as Viralheat. These allow you to successful understand the wants, needs and concerns of these and then respond accordingly. This can be done in any number of manners and these pieces of software look through millions of sources, blogs, posts, social media pages and the like to bring you back accurate feedback and so allow you to meet needs.

These tools allow you to then context market and hit the sweet spot of consumer’s needs and requirements with great content, whether it is items, information or services. You can then send meet these needs in a manner that allows you to be specific to that person and so garner their full on engagement.

Context marketing can be used easily with content marketing to greatly improve your success rates. Have you used context marketing and if so how have you done so, has it worked?

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