iPhone 5 rumours, Facebook postcards, Journalist loses entire ‘digital life’, Yo-Yos in space

iPhone 5 rumours

The good old Apple rumour mill has begun once again, this time surrounding the upcoming iPhone 5, of course. That’s if Apple name this one with a simple number and we don’t get just plain old ‘the new’.
iphone5-rumors Digital Marketing Saturday Social: Issue 19

It seems the latest model will be super-slim, a whole 1mm thinner than the Samsung Galaxy SIII, with a 4” screen so that it will be bigger and slimmer than the 4S and slightly taller at 124mm, as opposed to the 115mm of the current model.

 Digital Marketing Saturday Social: Issue 19

Of course, the US already has 4G across the water but just like the iPad, the newest Apple handset, due to be launched in a month’s time, will have LTE capability, although we’re unlikely to see it in the UK for a minimum of a year.

This is because the 4G spectrum, which has been freed up by the demise of terrestrial TV, won’t go to auction until later this year, and after then it won’t be instant roll-out. Oh and not to forget the exciting part, the new iPhone 5 will also have Nano SIMS! What a treat – a tiny part of a phone we can’t use if we take it out to admire it.

Facebook postcards?

Speaking of rumours, Facebook is reportedly testing a brand new feature for the social networking site that will allow users to take photos, presumably of themselves on holiday, and turn them into printed postcards.

That may explain why my account has been so glitchy recently, another new feature roll out. The iPad app for Facebook has been especially bad with dealing with pics for a while now.

Anyway, ‘Mail a Postcard’ will use a few users as guinea pigs first, before rolling it out to the rest of us; if you’re a part of the test group, your photos will display a “Mail Postcard” button.

From there, all that’s necessary is to type in friend’s addresses and add your own ‘personalised message’, if you don’t have their address, you can either find it through their profile or if they haven’t made it public, you can request it.

Whilst this does sound like a pretty fun feature to have, it’s surely bound to open up a whole can of privacy worms for Facebook, you would have to think. Personally I quite like the idea of being on hols, taking a great pic and sending a message to my friends, although it can be done instantly via the share button…

US Journalist loses entire ‘digital life’

A journalist in the USA has had his whole ‘digital life’ destroyed due to an attack on his Apple, Amazon and Google accounts. However, this didn’t happen via a commoner, gardener hack, it was carried out by the Facebook plague that is ‘social engineering’.

Mat Hanon first noticed something was wrong when his iPhone rebooted and then went on to discover that he had lost control of not only all of his Apple devices, including an iPhone, iPad and MacBook Air, but his Google accounts and Twitter.

It seems that because all of Mr Hanon’s accounts were linked, the person responsible was able to ‘trick’ Apple support into changing his password. This was because the ‘hacker’ had discovered the last four digits of Hanon’s credit card on Amazon.

The perp later tweeted for a while, deleted all of Mr Hanon’s stored data from all of his devices and Google accounts, before getting in touch with his victim to discuss how he had carried it out.

Mr Hanon took full responsibility, saying that if he had not “daisy-chained” his accounts together and used two-factor authentication, then it never could have happened. Apple however are looking into getting his data back, although he’s been warned that it’s not very likely without “serious forensics”.

Apple has also said they are looking into the matter and on this occasion, their customer service representative had not acted correctly. Amazon has been criticised in the past for the lack of security in their public cloud, so I would imagine that they too will be carrying out an investigation of their own.

It doesn’t just highlight the problems big companies have with data though, it also serves as a reminder not to be too complacent when it comes to your own security, just think how much of your life is digital.

Yo-Yo trick in space

What with bringing you something from the Olympic Games last week, this week we’ve gone a little more geek, what with the Mars rover Curiosity landing and all. It’s a bit of a long one, but strongly fascinating as NASA astronaut Don Pettit displays his microgravity yo-yo skills, all made up by himself (on his break, of course).

It seems that physics is cool, it can help you get a good job and the gals – or the fellas, perhaps one day ending up in space happily ever after, with your beloved.

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