As always, it’s been a busy week in the world of all things tech; Facebook bought up Instagram for the shocking figure of $1bn, a move which has prompted a huge amount of speculation surrounding the new ‘dotcom bubble’ and made quite a buzz across the industry.

But that’s not all that’s being going on this week, although you might be forgiven for thinking so; here’s a quick roundup of other techie happenings.

 Digital Marketing Saturday Social: Issue 2


digital_marketing_saturday_social2 Digital Marketing Saturday Social: Issue 2

KFC’s Thai Blunder

Colonel Sanders must have been spinning in his grave on Wednesday,when KFC suggested that people hurrying home following Tsunami warnings should remember to pop in for a take-away.

In an incredibly ill-thought-out Facebook post, KFC said: ‘Let’s hurry home and follow the earthquake news…don’t forget to order your favourite KFC menu’, prompting hundreds of complaints from panicky Thai citizens. The fried chicken conglomerate later apologised for the blunder.

It turned out that the quake was Indonesian and not the correct type to cause a Tsunami, but it still must have echoed of the terrible 2004 tragedy that killed 230,000 – sorry KFC, that post was not in the same league as your chicken when it comes to taste.

Viral Video of the Week

This week, a video created by Belgian TV company TNT for the launch of their new channel topped the viral charts with its amusing and classy offering, which saw them place a big red button with an arrow suggesting people “push to add drama” in the middle of a quiet Flemish square.

We won’t spoil it for you, but the result is hilarious and certainly does introduce a rather large element of drama into the mix. ‘A Dramatic Surprise on a Quiet Square” gained 11,140,675 hits, though we can’t begin to imagine why 1069 of these were ‘dislikes’?


Google+ has a makeover

Google+ this week unveiled a new look which appeared to have many new features that look similar to aspects of Facebook and Twitter. G+ users can now see what conversations are ‘trending’ (sound familiar?) and a new ‘cover picture’ has also been introduced; three guesses where that idea came from …

There is also a new dynamic navigation menu, new features that allow for full screen photos and video and ‘conversation cards’ which allow users to use threaded messaging similar to Gmail.

Ford’s New Facebook App gives a Virtual Trip in a Focus Electric

Ford came up with a novel way to take a test drive this week with the creation of a new Ford Facebook app that allows you to do just that in the new Focus Electric. The app allows you to choose colour and four friends to take on a virtual ride and is really a promotional tool as the car has struggledto achieve predicted sales.

Apple Respond to Mac Attack

Apple have said that they are working to take down the botnet created by the Flashback trojan that last week infected more than 600,000 Macs, which according to Dr Web, is around 2% of the world Mac population.

The company today also released a fix tool in the form of a Java update that also removes the most recent versions of the malware.

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