Twitter bans gifs from new format, ‘Poison Ivy’ IE exploit, iPad mini first pics, Mum finds out about daughter’s death on Facebook, Gangman style

As we reported earlier in the week, Twitter has changed its layout to allow people to display cover photos in a similar way to Facebook. However, it seems that since the changes were made, users are now finding themselves unable to upload animated GIFs to use as their avatar on the site.

ipad-mini-sqr-1 Digital Marketing Saturday Social: Issue 25

Whilst users who already have animated GIFs on their profile will be unaffected, those attempting to upload new ones will find that the images remain static.

twitter-new-profile-pages Digital Marketing Saturday Social: Issue 25

The new rules also state that profile pictures depicting nudity will also be removed from now on; such a shame, I’ve always enjoyed new followers asking me to go view them on ‘cam’ off the back of their naked pic.

Whilst in principle Twitter has never completely supported animated GIFs, workarounds have been found by a determined few in the past; however, these no longer work when a new GIF is uploaded.

According to a report by Mashable, the change could be due to file sizes, with too many people attempting to upload larger files than the rules allow.

‘Poison Ivy’ IE exploit discovered

Not good news for Internet Explorer users this week as a new piece of malware has been discovered which has the capability to take control of a PC and gather information.

The ‘Poison Ivy’ trojan is what is known as a zero-day exploit, which basically means that it has never been discovered in ‘the wild’ before and is a completely new threat; these kinds of exploits are quite rare as most malware is a variant of one trojan/virus/worm or another.

Whilst a patch has now been issued to fix the issue from Microsoft, IE 9 and below users should ensure that they have updated all of their security products and given their machine a thorough scan (preferably offline) before applying the fix.

Whilst a temporary fix was available earlier in the week, it’s thought that it was a little too “cumbersome” to install for many users. However, MS say that the ‘real’ fix is an “easy-to-use, one-click, full-strength solution any Internet Explorer user can install.”

iPad Mini first pics?

Bored already by the overhyped iPhone 5, the Apple rumour mill has now turned its attention to the upcoming release of the iPad Mini, with first pictures of the device (said to be genuine) being shown on tech site Gizmodo.

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According to Jesus Diaz, who writes for the gadget site, he has “almost no doubt that this is a real, fully working Apple iPad mini.”

It seems that the photos originate from Chinese site Bolopad, who claim that the pics are the first real shots of the Mini working in full. This has led to speculation that the launch date for the new, smaller tablet from Apple is due to be announced very soon, just in time for the Xmas rush.

The question remains of course, which device will consumers be rushing to buy this year, the new iPad, the Mini, Surface, Nexus 7 or the Kindle Fire? Gosh, we seem to be getting lots of choice when it comes to tablets all of a sudden.

It’s thought that the new Apple device will be 7.8” in size, with slightly thicker edges and be around £100-150 cheaper than the new iPad, a price designed no doubt to compete with the likes of Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire and somewhat proving that Apple are determined to keep their domination of the tablet market in place.

Mum finds out about daughter’s death on Facebook

Any Facebook user at one time or another has discovered something through the social networking site that they didn’t want to find out that way, but this week’s news about a mother who found out about her daughter’s death via the medium is truly shocking.

The news came to light following a complaint made against Gwent police force by Cheryl Jones, the mother in question, whose daughter Karla James, 30, died on July 23rd this year. It seems that Ms James died at around 8:20pm, yet her next of kin, Ms Jones, was not informed by the police until 11:38pm.

This of course gave some muppet enough time to post a RIP message on the social networking site, well before the family were informed.

“Inquiries were made to identify addresses for the next of kin to give the sad news of Karla’s death but it was not discovered until 11.30pm,” Gwent police said in a letter to Ms Jones’ MP.

“It is a sad indictment of today’s society that an unknown individual made the decision to broadcast such tragic news without consideration for the family.”

Of course, this also gives arise to the question of how a third party discovered the news before the police had released any firm statement on the death.

It’s still unknown how the 30-year-old mother of one died and the investigation into both her death and the responsibility of the authorities remains ongoing.

It’s certainly not the first time recently that Facebook users have broadcast bad news over the medium and the incidences of putting up RIP pages without the permission of families seem to be growing. Many times, these are put up by people who didn’t even know the deceased and one can only think that they are nothing more than heartless ‘like trolls’.

PSY’s Gangnam Style

If you haven’t already seen this, then you definitely should – this pastiche-style pop video from South Korea’s PSY features his now ‘world famous’ horse riding dance and is very energetic – made me feel tired just watching it.

Have a look … hilarious! Not to mention the rumour that it could be the first South Korean track to get to number one in the UK, like… ever.

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