The biggest story this week has to be the introduction of Microsoft’s new tablet ‘Surface’ and whether it will prove to be the biggest contender in pinching the iPad’s tablet crown. Whilst many thought that Kindle Fire may achieve this and it caused something of a buzz at release, sales have since slowed following the initial rush and Apple’s device retains 68% of the worldwide tablet market.

surface Digital Marketing Social Saturday: Issue 12
Whilst there has been much cynicism as to whether MS can become a threat to Apple, industry insiders have said many good things about Surface, including that it could prove much more popular than the iPad in the enterprise market.

Surface comes with a choice of an Intel version, which will run Windows 8 Pro and is available with 64GB or 128GB options storage, or a range that use ARM-based processors and offer 32GB or 64GB. The real bonus of Surface will be that it has USB ports, a fact that may sway consumers towards purchasing it instead of an iPad.

 Digital Marketing Social Saturday: Issue 12

Governments pose biggest threat to technological innovation

A senior advisor to Hilary Clinton has warned that the single biggest threat to innovation is that from governments all over the world, as they struggle to gain control over the internet.

Opposition to acts such as SOPA and ACTA have shown huge opposition from consumers and top tech firms alike and it seems that officials don’t really care for their citizens opposing new policies.

Alec Ross, said that governments would fight back against such protests and harm innovation and the freedom of the internet. “As power is shifting from hierarchies to citizens, and networks of citizens, governments tend to feel overwhelmed,” he said.

This week has also seen the controversial ACTA bill rejected by the European trade commission and the first draft of the UK’s ‘snooping bill’ has come in for widespread criticism.

Broadband subscribers pass the 600 million mark

Worldwide subscribers to broadband services this week passed the 600m mark, thanks mainly to very strong growth continuing to gather pace in Asia. Global figures are up by 2.7% in Q1 and 11.48% over the year.

However, China leads the way and has been instrumental in leading the way for Asia, which shows a Q1 3.38% rise and yearly growth of 15.19%, with a large portion of subscribers taking up new technologies such as IPTV.

Twitter outage blamed on ‘cascading bug’

The Twitter outage which affected many of its users on Thursday was due to a cascading bug, which apparently causes a domino effect, making it difficult to fix quickly, despite having protection in place to overcome this kind of problem.

“One of the characteristics of such a [cascading] bug is that it can have a significant impact on all users, worldwide, which was the case today. As soon as we discovered it, we took corrective actions, which included rolling back to a previous stable version of Twitter,” head of engineering Mazen Rawashdeh explains in a blog post.

Of course, a few hackers stepped forward to claim the victory of taking the popular social media site down, but this appears to be the usual hot air from unorganised groups or individuals.

Facebook activity all pointing towards growth

Despite the hubbub surrounding the recent Facebook IPO, it would seem that the social networking giants are quietly working on a number of projects to prove critics wrong on their revenue ‘sustainability’.

It seems that the site are to add their own servers to handle content such as photos and enable speedier delivery of user content, as announced by Facebook’s Hardware director, Frank Frankovsky at GigaOM Structure 2012 in San Francisco on Thursday.

Of course, there is also the new App store for the site (which will cause more privacy headaches for the firm as they will have to develop an additional policy for the store) and then there’s the rumoured ‘project Buffy’, which we covered a few weeks ago.

A new law passed in US State Louisiana also says that criminals with child-sex related convictions are now required to post details of their convictions on their Facebook profiles, alongside other social media channels.

Dedicated Duckling

Despite the video being first posted in 2010, this video of Charley the duckling apparently going for a jog topped the Guardian viral video chart this week and it’s just too cute not to post. Let’s face it, ducks have everything; funny quacks, amusing feet, cuteness and they taste great too (sorry to you veggies out there, I truly love everything about ducks).

Give it a watch, Charley is guaranteed to make you go ‘awwwww’ as well as cause much amusement as he stops and starts his jog according to what his human jogging partner does.


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