Tablet wars, Panicking Mac users, Google TV, RIM, Chrome on iOS

Last week we talked about the announcement of Microsoft’s ‘Surface’ tablet, this week the tablet wars hot up even more with the news that Google have released the Nexus 7 – a tablet all of their very own.

 Digital Marketing Social Saturday: Issue 13

Whilst price-wise, it doesn’t seem that Google are attempting to compete with MS and Apple, this could all be on the surface, as next year should see the exiting addition of Project Glass, the augmented reality specs that the search giants have been working on for some time.

Whilst they will only be available to developers in the first instance, at the beginning of next year, they will eventually be made available to the rest of us, with a Nexus-with-glasses version coming out with a reported price tag of around £1000.

Can’t wait.

nexus7 Digital Marketing Social Saturday: Issue 13

Mac users are panic-buying anti-virus products

Following a slight rewording on the Apple website, which previously read that a Mac “doesn’t get PC viruses” and has now been altered to “built to be safe”, Apple Mac users appear to be rushing out to buy themselves some security products for their machines.

In the wake of this, searches for Mac version of AV products have climbed a whopping 310% just in the past few days.

This is of course down to the Flashback trojan, which infected more than 600,000 Macs worldwide and created the largest Apple-targeted botnet that has ever been seen. Previously, it was widely thought that Macs couldn’t get infected with malware, but this is now clearly not the case.

In fact, it’s never been the case – Microsoft’s Windows just happens to be the most popular OS in the world and has therefore been the most attacked. It’s similar to the Android/iOS problem that has emerged in recent years – Android is most popular and most attacked – one man proved that iOS could in theory also be attacked in a similar way (through apps), but cybercrims think this is too much like hard work when the Android platform is so easy to exploit.

Whatever the case, no user of techy products is safe and no software manufacturer is immune, so it’s always worth taking care, whatever your preferred platform.

Google TV hits the UK (at last)

It’s been on the cards for at least six months, but Google TV is finally coming to the UK in the form of a set-top box manufactured by Sony. The device allows you to stream directly from the web using services such as iPlayer, browse with Google Chrome, access Facebook and suchlike and will set you back £200.

Of course, you could get a smart TV, which does all of the above, but it may set you back a little more in terms of cash (that was sarcasm, right). The box is available for pre-order now on the Sony website and will be hitting retailers around July 16th.

The remote that comes with the box is dual-sided, it has a keyboard on one side so that you can chat and email and a touchpad on the other for cursor control, as well as a motion sensor for playing games.

You can also control the box with your smartphone via an app available from Google Play.

RIM continue to sink

Blackberry makers RIM continue to fight for breath, as their once sturdy ship continues to sink with new holes appearing frequently. The latest news is that the launch of the new Blackberry 10 handset is to be delayed, amidst all of the problems they are having.

It’s been widely reported that the company are considering selling off the handset aspect to their business in order to concentrate their efforts on the messaging side of things, but this would seem to be something of a strange solution to their on-going problems. Another option to the problem seems to be some kind of affiliation with Microsoft, but then other rumours suggest that Facebook might snap-up the beleaguered company.

Whatever happens, RIM is in big trouble and coming for increasing pressure from the board to sort it out, one way or another.

Google Chrome comes to iOS

Google released a version of its Chrome web browser which will be available to iOS users in the week, showing off a demo at the I/O developer’s conference held in San Francisco earlier this week.

The iOS version will include many of the same features as the PC version, such as tabbed browsing and incognito mode, but the best bit is its ability to sync across devices. This will allow users to sync favourites, history and even passwords across every device owned so that all of your info will be available wherever you are.

However, users won’t be able to set the browser as default and it will have to be opened just like any other app, which doesn’t really present a real problem for many users. It does mean that any links clicked on in Chrome will automatically be opened in Safari though, which could prove annoying.

Football – love it or hate it there’s been no getting away

The Euro 2012 tournament has meant that love or hate the beautiful game, there’s been no getting away from it as the competition has progressed, with the final now decided between Spain and Italy on Sunday.

With this in mind, we thought you might enjoy this little parody from the Monty Python ‘teams’, featuring Germany playing the Greeks in the ‘Philosophical Final’.


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