Every week, we’ll be providing you with a swift overview on what’s been happening in the digital world throughout the week. Whilst there’s far too much going on for us to cover everything, we hope to bring you the best, funniest and fast-spreading goings-on from the online world.

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At last, new algorithms …

Google finally announced their latest new algorithms recently, bringing constant speculation and argument to an abrupt end and confirming what we all knew anyway, that they will be paying less attention to keywords and more to content.

 Digital Marketing Saturday Social 1

This is no surprise of course, and nothing will change for many people involved in SEO who already knew that content is the best way to get noticed, however, Google’s Matt Cutts also highlighted the need for social sharing – it seems this will help your ranking too.

Samantha Brick goes viral

Many people found this week’s feature in the Daily Mail by journalist Sam Brick either quite offensive or just plain annoying. In the feature, Ms Brick bemoaned that she is beautiful and said that it has adversely affected her life as every other woman hates her because of her pretty face.

She went on to explain that strange men often buy her presents, or pay for her train tickets even, because she’s just so damn good looking. The story went viral overnight and by Thursday, Ms Brick was fending off a deluge of negative comments, as well as finding the time to write another feature on how the reaction proved her right.

The problem was for many that to them, Ms Brick just didn’t seem that attractive. More a middle-aged woman who had worn pretty well and was supremely arrogant – even the interviewers on UK daytime show This Morning managed to give her a hard time.

MAC Attack

Anyone who uses a PC would have been secretly sniggering to themselves yesterday as it emerged that more than 600,000 MACs had become infected with a botnet-building Trojan. Finally dispelling the myth that Macs can’t be infected with malware, Flashback came in by posing as a Flash Player update.

More recent versions of the malware have manipulated Java in order to allow installation from dodgy websites. Java issued an update back in February but it seems that it didn’t work on Macs due to the way that Apple handles the updates.

Apple issued an update to the OS on Wednesday so if you have a Mac, best get updating.

Patents war rolls on

In the latest in the on-going patents spats that seem to pop up within one technology company or another weekly, Facebook this week countersued Yahoo, who initially put in their own claim against the social media giants last month.

Facebook will fight the claims with some of their own and are currently in the business of buying up patents from companies such as IBM in order to boost their currently small portfolio.

Yahoo still appear to be struggling financially too, as they this week made plans to cut more than 2000 jobs from their worldwide operations.

‘Draw Something’ is the latest mobile gaming phenomena

Zynga owned app Draw Something has become an overnight phenomena as it was reported that the mobile game hit a huge 50,000 downloads in just 50 days.

draw_something Digital Marketing Saturday Social 1

 “We believe it’s not only the fastest growing original mobile game of all time – 50 days to hit 50 million downloads – but one of the fastest growing web sensations that we’ve seen,” Zynga said in a statement.

Draw Something has become the top paid app in the App store and is also available to download from Android Marketplace.

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