Facebook changed from boxes to tabs over 12 months ago, replacing the old boxes with the more modern tab style side bar. Though not that widely discussed, brands that build the right kind of application tabs are more likely to increase likes. So, what are the key considerations in implementing a tab and increasing likes and engagement?

facebook_application_tabs Facebook Application Tabs - How to Get the Most from Them


Finding out what your audience is interested in and using you application tab to build a relationship around such things is a good idea. People like to talk about certain things relevant to brands. Understand what these things are and you have a vital chance to increase the amount of likes and interest in your page. Audience relevant applications allow for you to meet expectations and significantly increase engagement.

Be Specific

If you’re a brand you won’t want to just increase likes and should use application tabs as part of a larger strategy. Brands should look to see what audience they wish to engage and what they want from the end result. For example, if you want an audience to watch a video, leave a comment or share a story you should be as clear as possible about this. Engaging a few of these ideas at once is recommended and instead of just likes, brands may increase something more valuable, like promoting a new product via video, useful comments, or some other action. This will allow the likes to come by themselves.

The Tab

After deciding what you wish to get from your tab, you have to create an engaging application tab that will get people coming back for more. Giveaways, deals, information, or something for free is always a good way to keep people coming back for more. Giving away an item daily allows you to place fresh content daily and also ensures people check daily to see if they win. People who don’t win will browse your product and brands should see a significant amount of these purchase goods from them over a period of time.

Plan Ahead

Having a clear social media strategy helps tremendously. Using events and holidays to make your page richer and fresh is ideal. However, creating a number of application tabs is not, as it overwhelms users. Engage with users and use relevant and timely content to keep things of interest. Plan your Christmas, Halloween and other festivities for your tab and stick to them, this allows for a solid strategy.

Like most social media appilcation tabs do take persistence. Posting a tab and hoping to see traffic increase is not at all likely. Using creative, engaging media is the best way to see page likes grow. The more people that come to your page and wish to come back, the more likes you get. Quality content, community management and engaging users are the keys here and should increase tab popularity and your Facebook’s brand page too.

See the Social Media Generator application tab on our Facebook page for some free social media marketing advice!