According to reports, Facebook is currently trying out a number of new changes to the heading of Timeline profiles. Leaks have shown a new carousel of images, where the friends, photos and ‘like’ area once was – as well as this it seems user details may appear beside, rather than below the cover photo. Everything changes, but it seems few things as often as Facebook. This brings us a lot more oppurtunity for playing around with the timeline and creating new Facebook custom apps

Since the arrival of the Timeline, we’ve heard all sorts about engagement rates and much speculation regarding levels of customer interest – now expect a slight change again. We’ve seen Timeline create opportunities and challenges to be top dog since its introduction, with a change in policy towards advertising and promotions on header and profile images.

 Facebook Custom Apps - From Strategy to Finished Product

However it’s all about the can do attitude and Facebook custom apps can be used brilliantly to engage customers when optimised. One of the best ways to get the most from Facebook custom apps is to begin a custom app strategy – here’s how?

facebook Facebook Custom Apps - From Strategy to Finished Product

Facebook Custom Apps – Strategy

The variety of things can be done with custom apps means that there are numerous strategies you can take to make the most of them. Firstly, decide on the app type and whether you wish to create a Welcome App, Store App or whatever and then follow the creation of this as the basis for your strategy.

Be creative and focus on creating a good looking, visually clear application. Perhaps you want it to offer tips and link to a blog or maybe you want it to link directly to products for sale? Take this into account when creating an app.

In the case of content such as blogs, add share buttons and link opportunities to provide your company with full benefits.

Facebook Custom Apps – Creation

Having decided on your strategy, what you want to achieve and the results you want – you now have to create the app. Fortunately, the great world of Facebook and all that surrounds it means there is plenty of software perfect for creating an app.

Third party tools are extremely practical and easy to use and can create an app in short period of time. However, for best effects a quality app development company is unparalleled.

Support and Drive

Strong calls to action and good images and app names make for a large increase in the likelihood of engagement.  As with all content, offering something for free or that seems like it’s informative, is a good way to garner attention – like viral content knowhow, tips and entertainment are central to success.

Creating an image or design can be done through online software, Adobe software if you have it or the skills and of course, by using a graphic designer.

Have a great idea for a Facebook custom app? Get in touch with our app development team today.