Successfully posting on Facebook posts involves a number of variables, from the quality and engagement of the post, to the followers, to of course the timings.

In fact, timing is everything on Facebook and getting the post right is about hitting your target audience at a time when they are firstly online and secondly most willing to respond. This is as success on Facebook is bred from previous success on Facebook thanks to the EdgeRank algorithm.

 Facebook for your International Audience

The more likes you got in the past, the more likely it is that the post will stay in the timeline of people who haven’t witnessed it yet and in turn the more likely they are to see it and then like it too. Of course with many businesses working on an international level thanks to the World Wide Web, you have to consider where the majority of your customers are and this may not be in your time zone.

facebook_2 Facebook for your International Audience

Time Zones

Some people’s businesses are worldwide in stature and for many this results that posting at 12pm in your time zone will mean that the post only reaches those in another time zone, when they are in bed.

Take the time zone of people who engage with your business into account and then post at appropriate times to them. This can be done with some Facebook or Twitter scheduling software and can make things all the easier for you.


If you have a significant amount of followers on Facebook in a foreign country that is away from your own, keep up with the local goings on and happenings. This allows you to create engaging Facebook posts and involve these people. They may not get or understand all of your local orientated posts, so use their local culture, news or interests to get them onside.

Social Media

Sometimes businesses are just simply using the wrong platform to nail foreign social media. Companies that trade with Asia or Brazil for instance, the world’s emerging markets, may find that Facebook and Twitter is about as much use as a carrier pigeon. Other nations don’t necessarily use our social media forms – or in some cases of censorship, simply can’t. Cater for these markets by researching the most utilised social media in these countries and then making the most of them.


A little effort goes a long way with the international community. Whether it is acknowledging customs, creating interesting and inclusive images via Photoshop for sharing or creating nation relevant content now and again – people appreciate effort.

Recognising national days, holidays or events can really be a great way to bring people on side. Doing so in some form of media, video or interactive software works especially well and can win you those brownie points that really help your social media efforts.

Social media is a complex game, but in essence a lot of it is about the simple rules of interaction, politeness, listening to others and just treating them as you would want to be treated. This works both on local and international levels.

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