Facebook’s new Timeline feature, obviously changes things, though like all evolutions it’s about adapting and moving forward. So, what are the new changes that will have an impact on your company’s on-line presence? We give an overview, with our Facebook timeline tips.

facebook_timeline_tips Facebook Timeline Tips


The new 850×315 pixel photo obviously provides a number of changes on from the original left-hand corner image. Facebook’s policies mean no call to actions on photos are allowed, so no asking people to like, or share pages, or even share phone numbers – these restrictions obviously require some creative thinking to ensure you stand out.

 Facebook Timeline Tips

Videos – Facebook Timeline Tips

Facebook’s video is now more eye-catching to aid the telling of stories through the social network. As it’s now possible highlight posts to span across the whole timeline as well as pin stories to your Timeline by clicking on the pencil option.


The timeline allows for company milestones, in a similar manner to the way it allows for momentous moments to be shown in a person’s life. Just click on the line in the middle of your timeline and choose the milestone option and fill out the information. This can aid the levels of visual engagement on your Timeline.

Apps – Facebook Timeline Tips

It’s now possible to showcase 12 apps, though only the four most prominent ones appear at the top. However, you can move the apps around by clicking the arrow next to the app to display all the apps you have. Then simply just click on the apps and swap positions around. It’s even possible to change the photo and name of the app, meaning you can place a call to action here. Doing this involves you displaying all apps again and clicking on the pencil icon. Scroll down to edit and you can edit the custom tab image.

Insights, Admin and Messaging

These can be accessed through the Admin Panel in the top right of the screen. From here it is possible to invite friends, email contacts and share pages, as well as create an ad in the Build Audience area.

There is also a help menu which allows you to learn more about the new brand pages. The new tweaks also allow for more information, such as age groups, people talking about certain trends and most popular weeks.

It’s also possible to hide Likes, but it’s doubtful too many companies will want to do this as it prevents them seeing how popular their page is. It will now also be possible to receive fan messages; these can be turned on and off in the manage permission’s area. Though, messages can be only sent initially by fans, with the page only having the ability to reply.

Of course in time all of these changes will become merely everyday acceptances; however, we hope our Facebook timeline tips help to let you know what’s going on and to get ahead.

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