Fans don’t make you money, it’s the way you handle your followers that turns them into sales leads and monetises them.

Though, you may have a great social strategy, it is little use unless you are actually getting a return on your investment and for the vast majority of business this ROI is shown via the balance sheet. However, a little strategic planning can help you achieve such goals.

 From Fans to Sales through Social Media

social_media_lead_generation_sales_funnel From Fans to Sales through Social Media

A Little Extra

Social media is unlike other forms in a number of ways, though also because it gets the attention of people at an earlier stage of the lead process. As social media often incorporates exposure, influence and engagement, it offers a lot more opportunities than traditional marketing which usually comes with just brand awareness as a consideration at the pre-lead stage. This however, works in your favour as it provides you with a number of extra chances for conversions.

Make it Easy

Consumers are lazy and need to be spoon fed to be converted to sales. The less paths a company must go through to convert to a lead the more likely they’ll do so. Look at Amazon’s one click ordering, a product of this factor. Going one step further again and allowing people to purchase goods from your social media page reduces the need to leave the page, go to your business site and then start finding particular goods again and start the whole process over. By selling through social media you eliminate the number of failed leads and so turn fans into more leads constantly.

Soft Leads

Converting early on needn’t be through hard leads, though you can increase them in the long term by being a little savvy with short term leads. Encourage fans to sign up to your newsletter, meaning they are sent your content regularly and so you can influence them.


Most email campaigns are about selling and the hard sell at that. However, the ones you get from your soft leads should be different. Aim them at answering questions people may have about your items, engaging fans with interesting/engaging content and convert them to leads this way.


Of course tracking your digital marketing campaign is very important too. Use Google Analytics campaign tracking to do so. Perhaps add the likes of Hootsuite to see how conversions are succeeding. Data on the likes of cost per engagement and cost per soft lead as well as others will help you see where you area success of aren’t for that matter. Then find the correct mix for you and turn those fans into leads and increase the success of your business.

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