Still social media’s prodigal child, the recent swell in numbers of Pinners seems to be only the beginning. We’re seeing the start of Pinterest shift from being a niche-interest site to something broader and with more potential for monetization. Just as Facebook went from a  repository for teenagers’ and uni students’ photos of their nights out to a global magnet for everyone from your cat to your grandmother, Pinterest is set to move from being an interactive women’s lifestyle magazine to something far more sticky for the population in general. So how to catch the crest of this wave of Polaroids and our guide to getting followed on Pinterest.

getting_followed_on_pinterest Getting Followed on Pinterest

Connect to broader social media

An easy one this and a start for for getting followed on Pinterest – make sure you have your Twitter, Facebook and blog linked on your Pinterest profile- and use the auto-post to Twitter and Facebook facility to share your pins from time to time. Just don’t do it for very pin or it’s just going to be overkill.

 Getting Followed on Pinterest

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Rules of Engagement  – Getting Followed on Pinterest

People aren’t engaging hugely on Pinterest at this stage, so it’s the perfect chance to get noticed, as with other social media networks, your comments and @mentions will go a long way to adding a human element to your account, and allowing you to stand out from the hordes of Pinners and move you on your way to getting followed on Pinterest.

Pin and Repin…and repin…and repin…

Of course, a great way to get followed is to post something popular that’s going to get loads of repins. If you visit the “Popular” section, you’ll see images that have been repined hundreds, or thousands, or even tens of thousands of times. What’s the magic ingredient that’s sent these images over the tipping point?

Well right now, popular pins are pretty muchexclusively those in the women’s magazine category. So for the time being, if you’re hoping to get a picture of a sports car or a men’s cologne shared extensively, then Pinterest probably isn’t the place. The only notable exception arehumorous meme type pins, which often make the popular board. So how to pin for popularity?

Recipes are wildly popular and will spread like hotcakes (if you’ll pardon the pun). Make sure it’s a well-shot and tasty looking photo. Along with that, it’s women’s fashion- nothing too out there or edgy – just “nice” fashion that falls somewhere in the middle range, that most women will find accessible. If you enjoy fashion and often think about how to put together an elegant everyday look, you’ll already have an eye for the kind of image that will go wild on Pinterest.

However- claim your niche!

Despite the above, several of Pinterest’s top 10 most followed are actually men with men’s interest pinboards. This is where choosing to be an expert and claiming your niche works to advantage. A sure fire route for getting followed on Pinterest.

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Here’s Mike D’s highly followed profile, with a focus on branding and product design and Jennifer Chong’s profile, with a focus on graphic design.

So with that in mind – it’s time to get repined. Be an integral user, engage with others, claim your niche, and include some pins with the potential to be popular, and you’ll be rivaling Pinterest’s most followed users in no time.

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