With all Facebook pages expected to be converted by March 30th to the new Facebook Business Timeline page and others already doing so by choice, how can you get the most from the Facebook Timeline?

business_timeline Getting the Most out of the Business Timeline

Business reports from Mashable have shown a 37 per cent increase in the amount of time spent looking at pages  – undoubtedly a positive for business. Facebook has a penchant for changing things around completely with initial disdain and then acceptance – so will this be the case with the new Facebook Business Timeline Pages?

 Getting the Most out of the Business Timeline

Cover Image

The cover image on the timeline is large enough to really make an impression on your social media audience and can also tell a lot about your brand. At 851 x 351 pixels there are a number of rules on what you can’t put up. Your cover page for example can’t be an advertisement and you can’t use it as a call to action using it for ‘like’s, or to ‘buy one get one free’. It is solely for images that tells the story of your company. Starbucks, Coca Cola and even Facebook have done this well on their pages.


There are a number of different options displayed on the page. Info can now be pinned for 7 days, which is a change from the old brand pages. This is Facebook taking on some of the Pintrest Features of new and it feels quite nice to use. Posts can also be highlighted and made seen by clicking the star icon  – this stretches the image across pages and is perfect for pictures. This is very important for big updates and can’t be escaped when looking at the page.


Recording and showing important dates in your history is really added to by Timeline. This can be any important areas your business has coming up, or celebrates every year.

The milestone feature is something older business may love as it allows them to mark certain dates when important things happened in their company. Use them with pictures for a very impressive effect.

Spring Clean

The new pages are also great for cleaning up of your page and mean getting rid of the irrelevant. Hide them, or delete them and you won’t need to worry about them any longer, or explain their absence.


The navigation links, or tabs are gone and are now positioned on the top right underneath the cover photos. You need to position the first four to be seen first. This can be done by clicking on the item and adding a number and an arrow next to it.

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