Google’s Chrome is now the second most used browser on computers across the world. The Google Chrome web store with its web apps, and browser extensions has some great Google Chrome Apps for bloggers who want accuracy in their posts. Here are our ten favourites.

google-chrome-apps-for-bloggers-my-social-agency-blog Google Chrome Apps for Bloggers

Duedil – Google Chrome Apps for Bloggers

For financial bloggers Duedil is invaluable and allows bloggers a wealth of financial information, including lists of directors, company financial information and more. As an extra bonus it’s all to be seen in clear charts and diagrams. You just click on the company’s site, then the extension and receive all the information you want through your browser linking to the Duedil site.


SocialBro goes back to our previous post on the best times to add social media posts. It syncs all your accounts with that of your followers, friends and communities and allows you to see information on when it is best to tweet, as well as this you can map your followers and do a wide range of other actions.


This simple photo editor is ideal for quick preparation of images for your blog or web article and offers a range of basic features which will see you through.

Transcribe – Google Chrome Apps for Bloggers

Instead of having to have two apps or programmes open when transcribing your information, or interview. This app provides for you by playing your piece and also includes an area for text below.


This app is ideal for people out on the beat looking out for a story or two and its origins. The app allows you to see where YouTube web videos have been uploaded from via mobile or desktop device and allows you to click on the pin on the area of the map and watch the video production – ideal for those on the hunt for news stories.


This browser extension for chrome is a great app and allows you to find out where else a photo has been used through a quick right click. It can even scan reverse images if needs be.

Kindle It

This Google Chrome app allows for users to send their web pages to their Kindle for offline browsing and reading later, making it easy to keep up with news and opinions if you have a Wi-Fi only Amazon eReader.

SEO Serp

A useful and simple browser extension for those who are mindful of SEO traffic and want to make the most of Google apps on offer. It’s a simple and quick way to find keywords and web traffic.

Aviary Audio Editor

Allows you a simple option to upload and licence broadcasts if you wish to add them to your blog. A great app, very functional and practical.

For bloggers these Chrome extensions will definitely come in handy at some stage or another and are easily added through the chrome app store. Which Google Chrome apps for bloggers do you find most useful?