Google’s privacy policy has come into effect and there has been much tweaking and moderating to ensure it has a stronger emphasis on mobile and cross sharing areas.

google_policy_changes Google Policy Changes

Google is now integrating information it has on you across all platforms and will use it on your YouTube account as well as elsewhere. This understanding of what you like, means that they will give you more adequate search results.

 Google Policy Changes

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Google will develop new algorithms by looking at millions of results and profiles. This will allow the company to develop new features and also supposedly do such things as predict flu outbreaks, according to its Good to Know feature.

Google is also it seems set to use more location based mobile work and will use stronger GPS detection and sensor data to provide information for its needs. However, it claims privacy is not set to change, or the ways in which personal data is set to be shared. They also claim they won’t be collecting any new personal data from users and continue to use world-class security to keep data safe.

Here however are five things they will do with your data.

Google is set to combine all your data and use it across its services. This is set to make sharing easier with people who you know. Google will use all this data and then get to know more about preferences and what you like to offer you results.


The integration of accounts is also coming about with the coming of the new policy. There may already have been a change, and you may have noticed your Google+ and Gmail account may earlier have joined up.

Tailored Ads

The new Google will be a lot smarter. Say you search for ‘caddy’, having previously looked at golf products; Google will offer you results for the golf area and not the VW van type of caddy. This becomes more advanced the more you search as Google will recall your preferences.

Aggregated Data

Google will now share large, aggregated data with publishers and advertisers, though none of it is personal. This will be data sharing in massive quantities and allow these third parties to analyse larger trends.

Indefinite Data Storage

Google will store data indefinitely. This means the company is set to store anything from Google Voice data, for instance. This would include phone numbers and calling party numbers, as well as any problems that occur when using the service such as crashes. This will all be then recalled and used to evaluate the overall experience of users of its products and services.

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