Tuesday’s recent well publicised Google+ updates which place the social media site into Google search results, create a brand new way to search the internet. The conventional search against the worldwide web is always going to exist, but now, if a user is logged into their Google account, search results are displayed taking into account a person’s own Google+ social media graph.

google_search_plus_your_world Google Search Plus Your World

Aside from normal results, those on Google+ will now also see their photos and any content they or their friends have uploaded, when they search. This allows people to search across the web as a whole and also through information that has been shared, or has been made public to their profiles. Google has integrated its own social network and also Picasa web in this manner, though it is expected to add more social media to its, aptly named Your World graph as time goes on.

To ensure Your World searches are as strong as they can be people will need to share content, link to others and provide content people will wish to see, creating a stronger onus on interconnection between companies and individuals.

This is not the only change and Google has now brought Google+ profiles into searches. Google will now provide Circles matches for your search results, working on the premise you’re looking for someone you know, or have connections with as you’ve chosen to link to these people originally. 

google_search Google Search Plus Your World

Google, of course will show results for people you don’t follow and now allows you to add them instantly via the search engine results page. If you’re looking for topics, Google now will present you with people renowned in the field and allow you to follow them.

As Google is currently ranking Google + and Picasa, Facebook and Twitter aren’t considered among the social graph, leaving hundreds of individual’s connections out. This places Google at a huge advantage in terms of its social media network and will possibly see a new interest rise in subscriptions in the slow growing network.

Google Search Plus Your World will only work when users are signed into Google+ and also allow you to turn it on and off via a toggle button. This allows users to switch back to the traditional manners for searching, if they prefer.

In a nutshell, Google is making search more personal and is now giving people a more personal search. Google, secondly, is changing the way you find people, by using your social graph as a predictor of who you’re looking for. Finally, Google is now offering users Google+ profiles relevant to the topic searched for and allowing them to follow straight from the results pages. 

Of course, this is set to change the way the web is used and will also place Google+ in a more central position, than it’s currently in. We currently have to wait for the full effects of this expected change, though it’s sure to be interesting. 

What do you think we will see from social search in the future and are you happy with the changes?