Like it or not you’ve probably now got a default email address on your profile and if you don’t you soon will. You may recall Facebook creating a address for everyone on Facebook a while ago, but most people chose to ignore it. They preferred to use their own email to receive notifications. Not anymore, Facebook notifications go to your address in the hope of making the underutilised addresses, relevant.

facebook How to Change from to your Old Email Address

Have you heard the News?

Many of us haven’t even been aware of the changes until we heard it from some third party – in fact, you may still not know until now. Facebook are of course saying that it’s done for a just reason, however many people still don’t see that to be the case. Facebook has claimed that the new use of the email as the default address is down to consistency. Needless to say that this ‘consistency’ isn’t appreciated by everyone and many people still want to use their traditional email address. However, users can change their account to whatever email they like. The new change of these addresses to the default ones for Facebook users is something that may cause more anger against Facebook, who have a renowned habit of not warning people of changes and then apologising after they ring them in across the board. Users will now receive messages to their emails; an address they may never ever go to otherwise. However, those who wish to change the default email can do so quite easily and it only involves entering the ‘Contact Info’ section of your profile.

 How to Change from to your Old Email Address

How to Change it back

  • Go to the Timeline and click on ‘about’.
  • Next scroll down to the ‘contact info’ area and edit
  • Change the crossed out circle to full circle for the preferred options for the inbox you want to be visible on your Facebook profile
  • If you want to change your Facebook email then switch it from a full circle symbol to a crossed out circle symbol. This will hide it from your Timeline.

Forbes summed up the general consensus on the move by calling the move “Facebook’s Lame Attempt to Force Its Email Service on You.” Though Facebook has obviously claimed that’s not their aim and that they want people to use whatever suits them.

Annoying Changes

This is just one of a long list of changes by Facebook to its social media site. From the annoying Timeline changes, to issues with automatic tagging and issues with changes to Facebook’s privacy controls, Facebook continues to irritate people. However, with no real alternative to the social media site from anyone, including Google +, don’t expect this to be the last change. My Social Agency is a digital marketing agency based in the UK with teams in Leeds & London. Get in touch today to learn more about our social media marketing and management services.