Simply put, there’s no easy way to get more likes on Facebook though there are a number of ways to improve your chances and promote yourself in a smarter and more efficient manner.

increase_facebook_likes How to Get More Likes on Facebook

We’ve compiled a list of the ways that you can improve the percentage of people that Like your Facebook page.

 How to Get More Likes on Facebook

Email Signature

You would be surprised at how many people will Like your page if you place it in your email signature. Do it and watch them flock!

Advertising to Get More Likes on Facebook

Nothing in this world is free and neither is Facebook advertising. However, it can offer you a great return on your investment as it targets those who you want to hit through its algorithms and SEO. Ads also show up nearly immediately, making them a great way to get an instant boost.

The Power of Viral

By pulling the power of viral marketing under your belt, you’re significantly increasing the numbers of people who wish to see your page. Simply put, your post  or video goes viral and you ask people to Like your Facebook page, which it’s linked to. Lots of people see, so lots of people Like – a win, win situation.

Ask People

No matter where you are, on your blog, in your Twitter, newsletter, emails, video, YouTube, down the pub – ask people to Like you on Facebook. You’d be surprised at how many will oblige – the power of suggestion is a powerful thing and you should not be afraid to ask people, cross network, to help you get more likes on Facebook.

QR Codes

Put a QR Code on your business card, products, posters, paper advertisements and anything else that people get their hands on linking to your Facebook Fan Page. This should ensure a few curious souls Like your page.

Developer Mode

Get someone with a bit of programming skill to create a Facebook application for your social media brand page. This can be a simple, but great way to increase the Likes on your page.

Like Box on Site

Place a Like box on your website’s sidebar. This should ensure that you get some folks to link to your Facebook and press that coveted button. Make sure to put in photos of those who Like your page.

Produce quality content 

By creating quality content and just plainly having something interesting to say, you’re sure to increase your Likes and gather a quality audience. These people will come back to see your sage like wisdom, or just cheap goods in the future.

Presentations to Get More Likes on Facebook

If you’re like us and give presentations now and again, it’s a great idea to stick a URL in your PowerPoint notes and on screen to get those people to Like your page. Even a QR code here can help and an odd joust of verbalised suggestion?

Ask your Mates

Just ask your friends to help you get more likes on Facebook, at least they Like you!

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