Google+ isn’t like any other social media network and is unique and beneficial as it is distinctive in a lot of ways. By this we means it offers a certain set of advantages in ways Facebook and others don’t. However, this lack of mainstream usage means it is often forgotten about and seen as the other social media network. So, here are some tips to increase engagement.


 How to Increase Google+ Engagement

google How to Increase Google+ Engagement


Google offers one great advantage for finding relevant people online and this is in its search box. Type keywords into the search box and wait for the real time stream. On the right of this stream is a see your keyword. By searching people or pages here you will be returned with relevant people or pages to your keyword.

This can be done in the same manner with posts if you just search Google posts and you can even ‘pause’ the stream should you need to. By utilising this search you increase engagement and connect with the people who you should be building your community around, not just numbers.


As with all other social media, networking and commenting is the way to get people to get involved with you. When you find the people through search, then talk to them and participate with them. The more people you are connected with, the more you benefit from Search Plus your World – as more people will see relevant posts and content.

Hang Out with People

Video chat is a sure fire way to get people to remember you and get interested and is a lot more engaging than mere text updates. This face to face experience is a real advantage and can help you out in a range of manners leaving a comment won’t.


As with all social media and social aspects of the Internet, great content works and Google + has both sharing and +1 aspect to its hat. However, to get these shares and +1s, you must firstly produce quality content and engage people.

Google + is very versatile in the content and the size of the content that can be shared and allows you to share other’s content too. Why not throw a few comments into content you share to ensure others interact back. Then use the type of content that gains the most interaction to create and choose future content to do the same. This will then allow you to interact in an increasingly high quality way.

Frankly Google + is not very different to other sites, but there are a few little tweaks and there that others don’t have. If you know how to work them you can also really work them to your advantage and use them to significantly increase engagement.

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