The blog is a great way of creating new informative content, while also creating links and other SEO positive factor for your site. However, for many of us the dream of a blog going viral is one out of our grasp, or so we think – fortunately, you can narrow the odds in your favour with a little knowledge.

viral_shares_of_blogs How to Increase the Chances of a Blog going Viral

Even though you place every sort, shape and size of share button on your site, it doesn’t mean people will bother to do so.

 How to Increase the Chances of a Blog going Viral

Now there are equations on increasing virality called the Virality Coefficient – this is used by a number of big sites and companies, but it fundamentally doesn’t take into account human nature and our irrational love of watching cat videos and eating Jaffa Cakes at 2am in the morning. However, there are a number of ways to heighten the incidence of virality.


The power of comparison is one based on consumerism and is essentially the comparison, or versus factor of one item or service against another. People love comparing which is better when purchasing things and so to increase the chances of hits, such titles and articles are a great way to ensure you hit the top of search engines, while also create interest and get those shares.


One of the most topical articles and viral hits for a long time was the recent piece in the Daily Mail by Samantha Brick on why women hate her. Not this ‘I am so Beautiful’ based article merely defied proper conventions, while found itself in the right place at the right time. By creating something slightly out of the norm for society, you can really see the chances of it becoming viral racketing up. They say no news is good news, but in the case of getting enough virality it can certainly have positive results and it all just depends on the perception your create for the long term.


As much as people like such topical issues and strong opinions, they also like problem solvers. If you can create a focused, unique problem solving blog that answers the question everyone is asking, then you’re in El Dorado.


If you want to get attention in your industry and also become shared across the web, news is one of the great ways to do it. Finding out the breaking news in your industry and getting there before the media does with a blog piece, means you are not only shared by large news sites, you also are searched for in the race to the rumour mill. Throw in some keywords and Bob’s your uncle in terms of SEO. Such chances come seldom, but are golden, so keep your ear to the ground.

Essentially becoming viral is about being open to change and criticism, as well as measured effect and hard work. So, when you do achieve the benefit from that ‘overnight’ viral success, you’ll be thankful you put in all those month’s of hard work.

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