The power of Pinterest in driving sales and garnering attention is well documented at this stage. The image based social media site has been up and at ‘em since 2010 and really making waves for nearly 9 months now. In fact it managed over 2.3Bn page impressions in March to over 4m unique users – which make it the third biggest social media site in the world.

We’ve all heard the tips, but here’s how to really make Pinterest work for you.

 How to Really Make Pinterest Work for You

pinterest_tips How to Really Make Pinterest Work for You

People don’t just pin one thing or another, they pin a range of things right across the board. This can include the vaguest stuff with the slightest association to the board, to stuff that’s directly associated with your company or product.

However, don’t rush into creating boards. Create your boards first before releasing them. Do this by researching what others are pinning and repining in relation to your company. This allows you to increase brand affinity and allows you to include others. After this you can then look towards growing the community and really driving sales to your brand.

It’s Social

Use people in your company, who love your brand and who are fans to participate with your boards. For instance Sony held a competition which allowed employees to create their own boards about what the company meant to them. This saw hundreds of employees create Sony boards. Sony then used these boards to get authentic information and communication about their brand and it also aided them in deciding on what to pin to their own brand boards.

Be Friendly

Just as you would with Facebook and Twitter, make sure to place a ‘Pin it’ button on your web pages and around your products. This allows users to pin as well as tweet and Facebook your items and goods. This will see a significant increase in sharing through pins on your site.

Be Varied

Don’t just pin one board with all your products – be creative and think of other related boards. For example, if you own a boutique don’t just pin your own clothes. Pin boards on things such as style icons of the 20th century, or retro clothing can also be a great way to involve people, get them pinning and to highlight the fun side of your company.

Competitions and Creativity

Use people’s creativity and your own competitions to really get people to come, re-pin and make the most of your site. Use their competitive and creative streak to garner attention for your boards and site as a whole.

Pinterest Tools

Why not use the Pinterest tools on offer to make the most of your Pin boards. Just as with Twitter and Facebook there are a number to analyse the content on offer, what does well for you and what your readers want. Look into it and see – it can be a great way to make the most of Pinterest.

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