Treats and prizes are great ways to drum up some hype about your site and get those hard fought for views and interest in your company or product. Engaging customers is the prime reason for a competition, though there are a number of things to consider before you start a social media competition.

Means to an End

Figure out what you wish to achieve from your campaign. Do you want to inform, expand or get the interest of a existing audience – decide on this. You must thensocial media agency yorkshire How to Run a Social Media Competition decide on the cost of what you are giving away – is the juice worth the squeeze. If it is then decide on the sort of social media competition you want to create. If your audience is not so tech savvy, then a video competition is not a good idea and perhaps a sweepstake is. Though if your potential contestants are photo geeks then a camera competition is ideal. Figure out your audience and then decide on the competition.

beyond-edgerank-1 How to Run a Social Media Competition

Creators, joiners and spectators

There are three kinds of people who enter competitions.

Spectators – who click on a link but don’t go any further. To engage them have a simple and easy interface that encourages entry.

Joiners – these people are willing to join easy to enter competitions such as sweepstakes or traditional quizzes – engage them by getting them to vote, comment or share on the competition.

Creators – These are the people who create videos, pictures or other media from competitions. This is increasing rapidly and you should utilise these people for getting creative means for your competition and then use their entries for further use if you wish.

social media agency leeds How to Run a Social Media Competition


Use all channels but be prepared to control the channels you use. If channels have message boards, will you have the time to stimulate conversation on the boards if it goes viral? Make sure all the rules and regulations of the competition are available on the channels or by link from the channel and use old fashioned channels such as print if you have access to them – remember it is better to be talked about, then not be talked about at all.

Tools for a Successful Social Media Competition

Raffles are still one of the easiest and most popular forms of competition and the reason is – they are simple to enter. Make sure all the competitions you have are easy to enter and if not use tools to ensure it is easy to enter and there is little to think about for users when entering.


Look at your message boards, comments, user data and all the other information you get from such a social media marketing competition and use them. Ensure competitions aren’t one off events as having regular competitions is a great way to have the word spread about your business between friends and people on social media. Encourage competition, ask a yes/no marketing question – harvest for information and get what you need – remember your goal and that a competitor is a means to an end for you and not a competition for the sake of a competition.

We would love to hear your favorite examples of social media competitions. Please let us know via the comments section.