Instagram has taken a bit of a fall from grace of late, most notably since its acquisition by Facebook. However, over according to reports 40% of brands use this tool in their social media and marketing attempts and so can you. So, how do you make the most of Instagram in business?

instagram How to Use Instagram for Business

Instagram-icon-1 How to Use Instagram for Business


Download your Instagram and sign your business up, choosing a good image, apt bio and links to your site. You will also be able to connect to all the social networks, including Facebook of course and also Tumblr, Twitter et al.


This is the biggest key to success. Learn to edit pictures and how to add filters and different levels of filters. However, you also have to learn to optimise photos. Always add a caption and suitable hashtags. This ensures you will be seen on Twitter and that you can be easily found if people are looking for something. Remember you can’t make a silk purse from a pig’s ear and always use quality snaps – bad snaps will never look good and as Instagram is visual, they are the curse of death. Simply put – don’t post everything.

You can also add geo tags to Instagram photos and use them to show your business off to potential customers who come across your pictures. This geo tag feature is added by Foursquare and can be easily set up via the location service’s app.


This function is very useful and allows you to simply use hashtags to find a photo that’s apt top your search. It also allows you to find relevant people, companies and other things you may want to follow.

Instagram also allows you to follow others and when it’s linked to your social networks, you’ll find it easy to come across people who suit your business or you are interested in. As with many other social networks you’ll probably be followed back, if you begin to follow someone else. The other forms of engagement apply, so comment, like and reply to people to get them onside and win their trust, interest and then their custom.

Use the Visual

Instagram can be great for telling stories and for inspiring people. Use it to show design, factory, manufacturing or art processes and in doing so build a relationship and some excitement around your brand.

Hashtag #Viral

You can use Instagram for competitions, promotions and other viral like marketing. Perhaps hold competitions and ask fans to send a hashtaged photo of them doing something to a social media medium. It’s certain to gain interest and then momentum and get you some wanted attention.

Finally, remember to be social, genuine and real – people smell it otherwise and won’t take much heed of you.

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