We like to consider ourselves the NHS for social media and are always there to repair customer’s brands health when they require it. However, even we find ourselves astounded at the number of social media marketing tools available and metrics measurable. So, what are the essential metrics that actually matter when it comes to measuring brand health?

social_media_brand_health Improving your Brand's Social Media Health
Brand Mentions

How many mentions has your brand received over a particular period of time? Well this is important and if it’s a declining number then there’s something wrong. Tools such as Viralheat allow you to track the volume of mentions over a set period, which is an excellent way to determine social media campaign health.

 Improving your Brand's Social Media Health

Brand Mentions versus Competing Brands

By being able to measure brand mentions as opposed to your close competitors you can see how aware consumers are of your brand. It also shows a relative figure for brand mentions, which can really put things into perspective.


The number of interactions per post is a signifier of engagement and the effort users make. The higher the interaction, the more care the user has about your brand.


This metric is similar to interaction. The more people engage with your brand, reply to it and interact with it, the more loyal they will become and the more likely it is they will influence others to use your brand.

Sentiment Analysis

If people care to mention your brand, then you have to hope it’s in a good light. Poor sentiment damages brands and campaigns, whereas neutral sentiment is a sign no one could care less and means you have to work harder at changing opinions.

Key Influencers

The more mentions by those key social media influencers the better. These people can help you get in deep into communities and really reach out there and get other newbies to consider you in a positive light. These people have a real pull in this area and can really help target the required audience.


Having your brand on the right social media platform is a necessity. It’s not much use having your new performance air filter for modified cars right up there on female strong Pinterest. Target the social media you know your potential target uses.

Click Through Rates

The higher the click through rate from social media, the more control you have over what people do. Once you get people to leave social media to your sites you greatly increase the chances for conversions and increasing your success.

Phone Mentions

People are using mobile in increasing numbers. If you have low mobile rates you’re more than likely being left behind others. Change this through the use of mobile software such as apps, QR codes and other similar media for phone OS.

Of course, there’s much more to social media marketing than all of the above, but understanding what to look out for in this ever evolving market place really helps. People with honest, clear and numerous opinions on your campaign and brand really can open your eyes to how your company is doing in this area.

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