Facebook offers a significant opportunity to boost site traffic, as you most likely know. With over 800m users and being the most used social media site in a large proportion of countries in the world, it provides huge opportunities to push up those main site visits. So, how do you really hit home and increase traffic to your site with Facebook?

facebook Increase Traffic to your Site with Facebook
Being Seen

Timeline is a lot more visual than any previous layout and so being successful is about being seen. If you don’t produce enough videos, photos or images then you will find it harder to succeed. As they say a picture paints a thousand words and in the case of Facebook, this is increasingly true. Infographics can be a great way to relay information in a visual form and make a great replacement for blogs and articles.

 Increase Traffic to your Site with Facebook

Facebook is not Twitter

There is no need to do like many businesses and post 140 word messages on Twitter. There is significant potential to make more of Facebook to portray a business personality and be a little more expansive in what you do.

Links – Increase traffic to your Site with Facebook

If you are looking for leads, then make sure that all of the links on your Facebook site lead directly to your site at least. If you can link to the exact product or topic from the post, then do. This significantly increases the chance of making that conversion and simply, being successful.

Tabs and Apps

Use the new tabs view and apps that are located on the right, just below the Cover photo to create alluring and interesting and colourful calls to action. These can be anything from a free sample to a signup and are a great way of succeeding. They replaced the tabs we all once knew and loved, but we’d say the new design provide even great opportunities if used correctly.

Use Memes – Increase Traffic to your Site with Facebook

If you see a meme that is really doing well and has received lots of comments and likes, then you should change it around a bit and adapt it to your business. Make sure it’s brand relevant and you can really see a payoff in traffic to your site. It’s also a great way to aid engagement.

website_traffic_meme Increase Traffic to your Site with Facebook


When looking through your site and all the engagement and analysis that’s related to it, pay attention to the traffic and leads. You should also take the conversion rates into account coming from your social media, specifically Facebook in this instance. Use this information to consider whether you’re going in the right direction or whether you should maybe change your plan a little.

Increasing those Facebook conversions often takes a little time, but can really pay off with a little time, patience and analysis.

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