There’s no hard and fast rule to increase social media standings quickly with a magic wand like approach. Social media marketing takes graft and time. However, there are ways to utilise time and make the most of it – so we’ve compiled a few little known social media secrets to help you fight the good fight for your business.

social-media-marketing-tips Lesser known social media tips


Blogs are a necessity as is the quality of the writing on the blog. One of the secrets commonly used with blogs is to move the third paragraph to the top of the page. This allows you to get all thoughts out and after a bit of fiddling with the new top paragraph often leads to a better introduction than the original did.

social-media-events-1 Lesser known social media tips


Tweetspinner helps manage Twitter followings and allows you to get rid of auto DMs from accounts and also allows you to unfollow accounts that don’t follow you back. There are also certain other parameters you can place within Tweetspinner to ensure you get your wanted social media experience. Using an automated service for this may be a problem for some people, however when it gets too much this is the next best option to weeding yourself.

Enable and encourage

Hire smart people who are social media literate if you’re not sure what you’re doing. As we’ve mentioned social media growth takes time and work. The greatest asset you can have about a product or company is passion – if you have this your half way to success. Enabling and encouraging is the best way to win people over.

Though Klout and PeerIndex receive a lot of noise, there are other very useful tools for social media and digital marketingTraackr and SocMetrics use similar but slightly different approaches to show influencers and those with power. These allow people to plan campaigns more effectively and secure coverage or positive feedback where you need to.

Share others posts

One thing that is often found that to increase shares in posts, the best way is to share other’s posts. By sharing some top quality posts from other people – real gems – you gather interest having hooked people in with quality offerings. After you do this add your own post later on in the day and you should see an increase in people paying attention.

Private Lists

Google Circles and Private lists in Twitter aid you as you can keep up with what you need to keep up with and not get overloaded with spam and rubbish. This allows focus and your priorities, as well as allowing you to investigate negative or positive situations quickly and efficiently and correct misinformation if it arises.

Use the Ego

People love to give opinions, asking people a question or leaving an open comment can really engage people and let their ego do the talking. Questions or comments that solicit a controversial answer usually work wonders in this area.

Now, with these tips go forth and prosper and do let us know your own secret tips via the comments section 😉