They say if there’s no honey without money, however social media has allowed many to punch above their weight in financial terms, which would contradict this notion.

Even if you’re not Nike or Adidas, who pay numerous big shots large sums to come up with innovative ideas, you can still do well in the social media area. Through smart implementation of strategies you can convert leads and connect with potential customers in a fast and low cost manner. So, how do you approach social media with little cash to spare?

facebook-like-1 Limited Social Media Budget – No Problem!

facebook_2 Limited Social Media Budget – No Problem!


The most important thing to do is to target an audience for your marketing campaign initially. There’s little point entering an archery field and not knowing what target to hit, so clarify where you should be aiming first. This allows you to tweak and reach the brands you want to. This makes for increased chances of success and ensures you are hitting the people you most likely will score big points with.


Be Smart, Manageable and Measure

If you expect nothing then you won’t be disappointed. So, set goals that are realistic and don’t expect fantastic results unless you are willing to spend a lot of time on social media. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t receive positive results from few resources.

Clear goals are great but you also have to be able to measure them – so, get your metrics up and running. This allows you to see what works well for your business and also what doesn’t and also how any tweaks are performing. If you know what the goal is, what’s working and what to tweak – then no realistic goal is unachievable. Be sure to be creative, have fun and try new things from time to time.


Social Networks

Some social media networks work well with some types of businesses and others don’t. Be aware of what the best social media networks are for your business and the ones that don’t work. Business markets work better with Linkedin and consumer businesses with Facebook and Twitter. Of course, this is only a generic assumption and some will work better for your business than others.

If you create and have to maintain ten social media networks and only three of them are suitable for your business you could be wasting 70% of your time. Hootsuite can be a great web tool to save time and allow you to work across a variety of platforms at once. Time and effort are everything in social media, so ensure you are making the most of these precious commodities when using social media.

Smart small businesses can achieve a lot via social media, whereas those with resources and a headless chicken approach will achieve little. Be smart, choose wisely and measure everything and you’ll succeed.

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