Building an audience and driving up traffic through blogs can be really aided through some savvy use of social media. Bloggers who know how to develop a following on these mediums ultimately get more clicks. So, what are the tips that will get you ahead of the rest of the blogging pack and getting the full benefits of blogging with social media?

blogging_social_media_tips Our Tips for Blogging with Social Media

Social Media Icons

For everything you do and not just blogs, you need to display your social media icons on the top of your site. People shouldn’t have too much trouble looking for your Twitter, or Facebook handle and this can prevent any issues at all.

 Our Tips for Blogging with Social Media

Of course leading on from this each blog should have its own Facebook page. Even if Facebook has its own subscription area, this can still do no harm. Here you can publish without annoying your friends.


We’re big lovers of the power of StumbleUpon and would say that the recommendation engine serves as a great alternative to a browser. Submit posts to the system and share with your Stumble Upon friends for best effect. Get yourself a strong following and then hope your content goes viral across the medium and others.

RSS Feeds

Show case your blog on LinkedIn through a feed. That is once it’s professional and not more casual. List it as one of your three websites in your profile and label it ‘blog’. This should then mean your most recent posts will appear on your profile.


Pinterest is the rising star at the moment so pin your best photos on a themed board and link to your posts. Posts with strong visual content are a great fit. Infographics will do quite well. Use plug-ins file Pin It and WordPress to get the most from the content you share.

Link Shorteners

Using link shorteners for all you links on social media and you get access to metrics. This allows you insight into how many people clicked and when. This allows you to experiment with your content and try to get the most from it.

Promotion of Personal Brand

Use your blog name as your user name whenever you can. This will get the brand into people’s minds and ensure it is right there for people to join in with. This is central to developing an online community.

Blogger Groups

Joining blogger groups is also a great way to get the most from your blog. Like all social media the more you put in the more you get out of it. Look for groups relevant to your type of blogging and use them for inspiration, contacts and for problem solving. Find some that suit you and start now.


By promoting other bloggers you like, you will increase the chances of them doing so in return. Create a social stream and check other’s posts, retweets and Facebook posts and hope for the best.

We hope you enjoyed our list of tips for blogging with social media. Please let us know your thoughts via the comments.