Pinterest – it’s great isn’t it? Well, here’s how to make your pins more effective and see your followers soar, via our Pinterest engagement tips.

pinterest_tips Pinterest Engagement Tips

Existing Networks – Pinterest Engagement Tips

It probably goes without saying but the easiest way to increase the followers you have on Pinterest is to link it up to your other social media networks. This allows all items to be shared across the other social media and allows to gain natural followers.

 Pinterest Engagement Tips


Use Pin buttons on your blog posts and elsewhere to get people pinning. Create pinboards relating to blogs and articles, with apt pictures – especially useful if you’re talking about a number of products. This allows the information to be portrayed in a more visible manner and is a great way to engage people.

Be Regular – Pinterest Engagement Tips

Like all other sites, pin regularly, but not too often. Finding the correct balance can take a little while, but it’s worth it. The number of users dictate how many pins and we advise between 5-30 depending on this figure.


Like blog posts, make pinboards attractive sounding by giving them fun names, however make sure they also show the purpose at hand. People follow boards relevant to them. For instance lunch boards could be ‘A little bite’, you get idea.


There is a lot of Pinterest pin boards that just seem to be a muddle of the same thing again rehashed. Create new pinboards if you really want to get attention. Use images from other social media sites, your own collection and elsewhere to create new pins and make sure you are as engaging as possible.

Follow  – Pinterest Engagement Tips

Follow other users and you’re going to get your content seen. By being followers of other people you make yourself more visible and get noticed over their networks. Use keywords to search for folk in your industry and be good to those that publish your posts the most.

Pin Exchanges

Don’t pin too often, but do exchange with people in your industry and other industries related to yours. Organising these exchanges gets you out there and gets you into new markets.


By hitting a niche you can hit a number of people, however if you decide on creating boards for a number of areas then you increase those chances by a number of times. Creating as wide of variety of pins as possible means you make more opportunities to pin. Create boards on everything you know and watch the followers roll in.

Leader  – Pinterest Engagement Tips

Be a leader in your area and as we’ve mentioned don’t re-pin. Creating your own boards shows you to be an independent mind with something to offer. People will then be more inclined to follow you.


The last but certainly not the least of our Pinterest engagement tips – Create tutorials of how to use your product through Pinterest – people love instructions. Run pins that teaches people anything from how to use your products, to others how to become affiliate marketers with your business. Step by step boards that link people to information that helps both them and you is a great way of building conversions and making the most of Pinterest.

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