No one wants to come across as a ‘pinhead’. However, as with any new medium of social media, Pinterest has its own manners and is constantly developing its own particular etiquette. If you’re looking to avoid coming across as rude, brash or just memorable for the wrong reasons, we show you how to chew with your mouth closed on the pin board social media site.

pinterest_tips Pinterest Etiquette

Original Source

Firstly, remember to pin only from the original source and link it back. If you don’t do so, you are essentially stealing and though you might think this to be some sort of idle copyright issue. It is in fact the biggest controversy related to Pinterest. If you don’t direct users to the original site you are infringing on copyright, and giving yourself a bad name – something you can obviously do without.

 Pinterest Etiquette


This is what makes social media tick, so participate, like and comment on pins that you like, images you re-pin and also on comments others make. Don’t be rude, try not be misconstrued in what you say and use the old principle – treat others as you’d like to be treated. Never create a board slating others or other’s attempts. Playing nice is the only way to succeed in the long run. Remember what goes around; comes around.


Only pin what’s appropriate and never place something up that may be deemed offensive for whatever reason. The usual boundaries of taste apply, so no nude models in swastikas unless you want the Pinterest people to come down hard and heavy.

Everything isn’t worth Pinning

Only pin the stuff that catches your attention. You know how annoyed you get with those people on Facebook, who post every move of their day – this is the equivalent vice –  don’t pint everything you see. Space things out, don’t pin every five seconds and gain a wider audience every time you pin by doing so.

The Devils in the Detail

Remember that you don’t need to write deep, detailed descriptions on everything you pin on Pinterest. The whole idea that a picture is worth a thousand words is very true with this social media site. If you give them too much information, they won’t want to click. Leave an air of intrigue and get them to click through.

Be Diligent

Pinterest is relatively new to the large social media sphere and so has certain changes to policy to cope with the new increased size. By being diligent and keeping an eye on the changes to the terms and conditions, you show an interest in Pinterest and also don’t lose touch of the ever changing etiquette. It never hurts to mind your manners, so follow the above guide and keep your ear to the ground and you should have no such problems.

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