Making the most of Pinterest can be hard for those not so familiar with using the medium of images or photography. However, it’s still easily possible to get a lot out of the newest hit in social media through the cheeky aid of a few Pinterest tools.

Examples of some great ways to achieve this is through creating pins for words, learning to track your campaign and doing a number of other things which we go into below.

 Pinterest Tools for Everyday Use

pinterest_tips Pinterest Tools for Everyday Use

Share as an Image – Pinterest Tools

Would you like to share some inspirational words as an image? Well it’s easy with this app. Simply, download the software, select some text and then choose to ‘share it as an image’ and you’re sorted for some words and phrases on Pinterest.


Though you may get carried away with the snazziness of Pinterest, it’s there for business purposes. So, for those who want to check on how their post performs, this is the tool. Pinerly gives you a clear insight into how your pins are doing, how many click throughs they received and the number of repins. This is all nice to know and makes deciding on future strategies all the easier.

PinReach – Pinterest Tools

Similar in a lot of ways to Pinerly; this site allows you to see how your pins are doing and how successful something is. Your pin boards will also receive something called a pin score, which shows you the overall PR rating of the board itself. Obviously the better you do the higher the score will be.

Pin Alerts

Well, we’re all familiar with Google Alerts, so you more than likely get the idea. Pin Alerts allows you to see when a pin has been pinned elsewhere. It’s great as you can now make sure you never miss a chance to thank those who repin your images. You can even choose how often you’d like to receive the emails; anything from once every few hours to once a week is an option.

Pinstamatic – Pinterest Tools

Ever wanted to add a lot of other media to your board? Well, if you’ve dreamed or merely thought of wanting to add locations, Twitter profiles and sites to your board this is the tool. Anything from songs to events to music can be added here with this app and its tools. You can even use it to pin quotes and inspirational words in a similar manner to ‘share and image’. Though some people may not like it because it dilutes the pure experience, there will be more who’ll simply just love it.

Pinterest offers significant potential alone. However, with these added Pinterest tools can really make some waves and really impress and add to your audience.

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