Social media for many of us is a marketing haven, though like much in this world its pace is accelerating and so it can be hard to keep up. You write a tweet, post it and then it’s gone – far down the list of social media has-beens. So, if you want to keep your social media history, how do you do so? After all this data can be valuable marketing and client based data for the future.

saving_your_social_media_data Saving Your Social Media Data

Luckily, there are a number of ways in which to upload your info to your own machines and save for future reference.

 Saving Your Social Media Data

Google Takeout

This service works right across the Google divide and so can be used with Google Docs, Contacts and a range of others. It will take a little time to download, though you can pick what to archive and it’s a great help considering how many of us are Google bound these days.


Downloading from Facebook is also possible thanks to the sites own program which downloads and sends you an email of all your info – handy. It does download everything and so it can contribute a lot of stuff you’ll never need.  It doesn’t include comments on other’s posts.

This site is a great one and allows you to set up algorithms easily and quickly. The ‘if this happens, then that’ is a great addition, so for example it is possible to send all your tweets to Google Calendar, or other such happenings if you want.


This is a free backup for your twitter and allows you to export, as well as favourite a list of specific people. It’s quite an attractive service and easy to get around, though is a little slow to load.


This service can be used for a range of accounts and for a number of your clients at one time on a daily basis. It can be used with everything including Google apps and Gmail and is a great program for people involved with numerous clients.

Tweet Library

This Apple based program allows you to archive tweets and then look through them via a filter. It is also possible to archive separate timelines, specific hashtags, or a follower with the program.


This service does even more than it says on the tin and allows you to back up your mail, blog and photos. It’s fast and a great basic backup.

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