Getting a job can be a full time job in itself, however an innovative use of social media can afford you more opportunities and also help you to stand out from the crowd. We’ve compiled a number of hints and tips for those looking for work, as well as a few innovative examples.

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It’s not what you know, it’s who you know and social media can certainly be something that adds to this mantra. Creating personal connections with people increases your chances of getting a job significantly. LinkedIn, and other sites offer social media opportunities that ten years ago didn’t exist. Long gone are the days of asking friends for contacts. Uploading profiles on the aforementioned and other sites allows you the opportunity to increase your social graph and increase your wok opportunities.

Soft skills such as organisation, social media and communication abilities and others are great advantages in the work place. Having knowledge of how to optimise a company’s social media presence can really mean you show your importance for the future. We’re not saying that old skills are left by the wayside, but just these are the skills that help you stand out. Using Klout and increasing your ranking, via the likes of Facebook, Google+ and others can really impress your knowledge in this area. It takes work and time, but is worth doing.

Of course with all of these new technologies comes a number of new ways to apply for jobs. Using a little bit of innovation can really impress upon potential work places a number of skills in action – something that is far stronger than if you send a quite passive CV. Use QR Codes, innovative use of web videos, creative sites and sites such as to really impress your worth on job applications. Sometimes job seekers combine social media with traditional media for a greater impact.

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Anybody familiar with The Apprentice will more than likely have a loathing for the objectionable (and we use the term lightly) Bags, the Brand. However, there is some truth in turning yourself into an advertisement. Use Facebook social ads, blog ads and LinkedIn advertisements to win over the potential jobs you want. Look at the case of Alec Brownstein, a copywriter who purchased the creative directors names who he admired the most on Google Adwords. When they Googled themselves they found his CV and he heard back from all but one of the five he bought names for, costing him a total of $6 and landing him his dream job and a bunch of self promotion awards.

So as you can see identifying where you want to work and then aiming for those companies can often mean you land your dream job. By placing all your efforts in the direct fire of a few companies and proving to them that you have the skills they require and making an effort to fit their needs you can often land the position you want – persistence is the key, alongside innovation and meeting the required skill set.

Social media can really add to your worth when looking for a job, just have a look at the skills and examples above.

Have you come across any great social media campaigns for job hunts? Let us know in the comments.