Use social media for business? Or just spend too long on Twitter, Facebook et al. because they’re so addictive? Either way, your wrists will thank you for using these nifty keyboard shortcuts that we at MSA were pretty thrilled to discover.

social_media_keyboard_shortcuts Social Media Keyboard Shortcuts

Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts

Lots of people now do social media management as part of their work – and for corporate social media, keyboard shortcuts bring much-needed efficiency.

 Social Media Keyboard Shortcuts

The shortcuts below seem to work best in Chrome, Opera and Safari. Firefox has it’s own set of keyboard shortcuts already, so you’ll need to add shift before each combination to make it Facebook-specific if using Firefox. For Internet Explorer, you’d need to press enter after each shortcut.

So for Mac users, for the below you’ll need to add Ctrl+Option+ to each of the below. If you’re using Firefox on a Mac, its’ Function+Ctrl.

Alt+?: Search

Alt+m: Compose a new message

Alt+1: Home page

Alt+2: Your profile page

Alt+3: Friend requests

Alt+4: Your messages

Alt+5: Notifications

Alt+6: Account page

Alt+7: Privacy

Alt+8: Facebook’s Facebook page

Alt+9: Facebook Terms/Agreement

Alt+0: Facebook help center

Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts

Quick and snappy by essence, Twitter is the social media platform most suited to keyboard shortcut mastery. A tip to start with – just press “?” to bring up a keyboard shortcut index.

j/k to move between the next and previous tweets

Enter to drill down into or close a selected tweet

space to page down

Shift+space to page up

/ to jump to the search box

. to refresh and jump back to the top

Navigating Timelines

g then h to go home

g then r to go to your replies/mentions

g then p to go to your profile

g then f to go to your favourites

g then m to go to your direct messages

g then u then search to view any user’s timeline

Actions for Individual Tweets

f to favourite a tweet

r to reply to a tweet

t to retweet

m to send a direct message

n to compose a new tweet

Escape to cancel a compose window, dismiss the help window

And the rest… Pinterest, YouTube, Flickr and Google+

For Pinterest, social media’s visual bookmarking phenomenon, there’s a Chrome app you can add. Just press Ctrl+Alt+P to pin an image.

YouTube has a handy list that lets you use your keyboard like a traditional set of play, stop, rewind and fast forward buttons:

Spacebar : Play or pause a video

Left Arrow: Rewind

Right Arrow: Fast forward

Up Arrow: Increase volume

Down arrow: Decrease volume

F : Full screen view

Esc: Exit full screen

For Flickr, keyboard shortcuts are super-useful as there are so many images to look through. Like Twitter, you can just press the “?” key to see a full list of shortcuts.

And for Google+ keyboard shortcuts, here’s a useful table

keyboard_shortcuts Social Media Keyboard Shortcuts

Happy typing!