social-media-optimization Social Media Optimization for 2012With 2012 fast approaching, I have spent a lot of time recently thinking about what direction the fast paced world of digital marketing will move in. My main prediction for the ‘more relevant’ side of things in 2012, is social media optimization.

The role of social media marketing in search engine optimization has existed for quite sometime, but during 2011 became absolutely essential. It is no longer possible to provide SEO services and improve Google rankings in a competitive marketplace, without the use of social media.

social-media-optimization-1 Social Media Optimization for 2012

Different sites have different use. Even Facebook likes, historically not indexed pages and no followed links, are a powerful SEO metric that business and brands need to consider. Tweets are the new link building, so ensure your content is compelling enough for retweets. Social bookmarking still plays a vital role and a popular story on Digg or Reddit, could provide a real traffic windfall.

Some things are certainly better displayed with web video, so we produced a social media optimization overview over on our YouTube channel. This looks at the necessity of social media in 2012. If social media was not part of your SEO strategy for 2011, it is something you need to be looking at moving forward. Social media is not going away. If anything, its relevance to marketing will only grow. It will be interesting to look back at this re-cap in 2013 and see just how much things have changed. For now though, sit back and enjoy our social media optimization motion graphics.



Stay tuned for our ‘end of year round up’ blog posts coming over the next week!